Small bash script to manage your ssh connections. It builds menu (via dialog) from your ~/.ssh/config. It can not only connect but also to run commands, copy files, tunnel ports.
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Small bash script to manage your ssh connections. It builds menu (via dialog) from your ~/.ssh/config. It can not only connect but also to run commands, copy files, tunnel ports.
9 years ago3March 02, 20111otherPython
Desktop tool to quickly setup SSH tunnels and automatically execute commands that make use of them
Swbothook Node5
6 years agoJavaScript
Star Wars Bot hook in node.js
Alternatives To Sshto
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Small bash script that builds a menu (via dialog) from your ~/.ssh/config. screeenshot Allows you to connect to your servers or run commands from menu. Available commands: cmds Your commands can be easily added to this list. Just edit this part of the script:

    #Command#    #Description#
    "${slct[@]}" #De/Select command
    "Username"   "Change ssh username to \Z1$GUEST\Z0"
    "Add tab"    "Add terminal tab with \Z1sshto\Z0 for \Z4$target\Z0"
    "Ssh tab"    "Add terminal tab with \Z1ssh\Z0 to \Z4$target\Z0"
    ''           ''
    "ls -lah"    "List Files"
    "free -h"    "Show free memory"
    "df  -ih"    "Show free inodes"
    "df   -h"    "Show free disk space"
    "Custom"     "Run custom command on \Z4$target\Z0"
    "Script"     "Run custom script on \Z4$target\Z0"
    ''           ''
    'Yes'        "Say 'yes' to SSH"
    "Info"       "Full system info"
    'Fix_id'     "Update host in known_hosts"
    "Sshkey"     "Add my ssh key to \Z4$target\Z0"
    "Alias"      "Add my useful aliases to \Z4$target\Z0"
    "Copy"       "Copy selected file or dir to \Z4$target\Z0"
    ''           ''
    "Home"       "Change home folder \Z4$home\Z0 on local server"
    "Dest"       "Change destination folder \Z4$DEST\Z0 on \Z4$target\Z0"
    "Upload"     "Upload file or folder from \Z4$home\Z0 to \Z4$target:${DEST}\Z0"
    "Download"   "Download file or folder from \Z4$target:${DEST}\Z0 to \Z4$home\Z0"
    "Mount"      "Mount remote folder \Z4$target:$DEST\Z0 to \Z4$home\Z0"
    "Unmount"    "Unmount remote folder \Z4$target:$DEST\Z0 from \Z4$home\Z0"
    ''           ''
    "Local"      "Change local  port \Z1$LOCAL\Z0"
    "Remote"     "Change remote port \Z1$REMOTE\Z0"
    "Tunnel"     "Start portunneling from \Z4$target:$REMOTE\Z0 to \Z4localhost:$LOCAL\Z0"
    ''           ''
    "ShowConf"   "Show ssh config for this host"
    "EditConf"   "Edit ssh config for this host"

First collumn - command, second - description. Simple commands like ls -la could be added as is. A list of commands or a complicated logic should be added via function. Empty values('') could be used as a delimiter. You can quick jump to the selected server via CONNECT button. To close ssh session press CTRL+D or run exit command, it'll bring you back to sshto commands section. Optional hosts description could be added like this:

Host server1 #Description, it could be more than one word
Port 22
User admin

Optional start menu delimiters '---{ Group Name }---' could be added like this:

#Host DUMMY #Group Name#

If you are unhappy with this 'DUMMY' group name template, or you actually have a host named 'dummy', you can change this template by ajusting this variable group_id=dummy. All these additions won't break your ssh configs coz they are considered as comments.

~/.ssh/config example:

#Host DUMMY #Rybinsk#

Host rybserver1 #First server
HostName localhost

Host rybserver2 #Second server
HostName localhost

Host rybserver3 #Third server
HostName localhost

#Host DUMMY #Moscow#

Host moserver1 #First server
HostName localhost

Host moserver2 #Second server
HostName localhost

Host moserver3 #Third server
HostName localhost

Script greps data from multiple config files via pattername config* in ~/.ssh dir. So you can split config to multiple files and use them with Include directive, example:

Include config_moscow
Include config_rybinsk
Include config*

All preset variables and functions could be tweaked via ~/.sshtorc config file:

echo "REMOTE=9000  # Remote port for tunneling." >> ~/.sshtorc

You can customize dialog itself a bit by creating and editing its config file:

dialog --create-rc ~/.dialogrc
nano ~/.dialogrc

If you don't have dialog and don't want(or can't) to install it, there is a dialog-less version of sshto in my new project bashui here is how it looks: bashui-hosts


Try it bashui-sshto!

How to install

Clone\download this project, go to it's folder and run:

sudo cp sshto /usr/bin/

#and to unistall
sudo rm /usr/bin/sshto

See how it works at asciinema

ssh config guide Tom Lawrens video guide about ssh config and sshto

paypal Feel free to support the project!)

Twitter DOGE: D7qJBRU3UpXES9EwtvE8YZSNAVgFEmz3py dodge

BTC: 1LxRxsyXP389YW3Ezw9YzNetE5VYj1RaJf btc

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