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Sweetalert 20,540
A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's "alert"
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Sweetalert2 10,704
A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies.
Rxtool 10,502
Android开发人员不得不收集的工具类集合 | 支付宝支付 | 微信支付(统一下单) | 微信分享 | Zip4j压缩(支持分卷压缩与加密) | 一键集成UCrop选择圆形头像 | 一键集成二维码和条形码的扫描与生成 | 常用Dialog | WebView的封装可播放视频 | 仿斗鱼滑动验证码 | Toast封装 | 震动 | GPS | Location定位 | 图片缩放 | Exif 图片添加地理位置信息(经纬度) | 蛛网等级 | 颜色选择器 | ArcGis | VTPK | 编译运行一下说不定会找到惊喜
Layer 7,792
丰富多样的 Web 弹出层组件,可轻松实现 Alert/Confirm/Prompt/ 普通提示/页面区块/iframe/tips等等几乎所有的弹出交互。目前已成为最多人使用的弹层解决方案
Immersionbar 7,774
android 4.4以上沉浸式状态栏和沉浸式导航栏管理,适配横竖屏切换、刘海屏、软键盘弹出等问题,可以修改状态栏字体颜色和导航栏图标颜色,以及不可修改字体颜色手机的适配,适用于Activity、Fragment、DialogFragment、Dialog,PopupWindow,一句代码轻松实现,以及对bar的其他设置,详见README。简书请参考:
Androidlibs 6,206
🔥正在成为史上最全分类 Android 开源大全~~~~(长期更新 Star 一下吧)
Dialogplus 4,714
Advanced dialog solution for android
Xpopup 3,899
🔥功能强大,UI简洁,交互优雅的通用弹窗!可以替代Dialog,PopupWindow,PopupMenu,BottomSheet,DrawerLayout,Spinner等组件,自带十几种效果良好的动画, 支持完全的UI和动画自定义!(Powerful and Beautiful Popup,can absolutely replace Dialog,PopupWindow,PopupMenu,BottomSheet,DrawerLayout,Spinner. With built-in animators , very easy to custom popup view.)
Sppermissions 3,685
Ask permissions on Swift. Available List, Dialog & Native interface. Can check state permission.
Popupdialog 3,408
A simple, customizable popup dialog for iOS written in Swift. Replaces UIAlertController alert style.
Pythia 3,053
A modular framework for vision & language multimodal research from Facebook AI Research (FAIR)
Artdialog 3,052
Vue Ydui 2,733
A mobile components Library with Vue2.js. 一只基于Vue2.x的移动端组件库。
Flutter_deer 2,587
🦌 Flutter 练习项目(包含集成测试)。包括完整UI设计图,更贴近真实项目的练习。Flutter practice project. Includes a complete UI design and exercises that are closer to real projects.
Androidproject 2,557
An advanced template project
Fabulousfilter 2,261
Android library to animate Floating Action Button to Bottom Sheet Dialog and vice-versa
Pmalertcontroller 2,167
PMAlertController is a great and customizable alert that can substitute UIAlertController
Jquery Modal 2,146
The simplest possible modal for jQuery
Dialog Polyfill 1,913
Polyfill for the HTML dialog element
Alertifyjs 1,684
A javascript framework for developing pretty browser dialogs and notifications.
React Native Modals 1,624
A react native modals library. Swipeable. Highly customizable. Support multi modals & Support custom animation. For IOS & Android.
Jquery Confirm 1,541
A multipurpose plugin for alert, confirm & dialog, with extended features.
Appupdater 1,526
A library that checks for your apps' updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server. API 9+ required.
Dialog_corpus 1,326
用于训练中英文对话系统的语料库 Datasets for Training Chatbot System
Flutter_app 1,208
Jbox 1,142
jBox is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create customizable tooltips, modal windows, image galleries and more.
Materialstyleddialogs 1,089
A library that shows a beautiful and customizable Material-based dialog with header. API 11+ required.
Lovelydialog 1,012
This library is a set of simple wrapper classes that are aimed to help you easily create fancy material dialogs.
Dialogutil 918
common used dialog with material style ( in support v7),ios style,get top activity automatically, invoke everywhere (any thread , any window)
Nativefiledialog 858
A tiny, neat C library that portably invokes native file open and save dialogs.
Singledateandtimepicker 812
You can now select a date and a time with only one widget !
Chatterbot Corpus 776
A multilingual dialog corpus
Licensesdialog 754
LicensesDialog is an open source library to display licenses of third-party libraries in an Android app.
Android Circledialog 750
Transfer Learning Conv Ai 734
🦄 State-of-the-Art Conversational AI with Transfer Learning
Fabdialogmorph 732
🐠 Fab and Dialog Morphing Animation on Android
Alertonboarding 708
A simple and attractive AlertView to onboard your users in your amazing world.
Ngx Modialog 689
Modal / Dialog for Angular
Rodal 671
A React modal with animations.
Powermenu 642
🔥 The powerful and easiest way to implement modern material popup menu.
Simplelightbox 618
Touch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desktop with jQuery
Sweet Modal Vue 615
The sweetest library to happen to modals.
Rmodal.js 612
A simple 1.2 KB modal dialog with no dependencies
Layx 611
Layx 新一代Web弹窗组件。
Nlg Eval 603
Evaluation code for various unsupervised automated metrics for Natural Language Generation.
Bottomdialogs 597
An Android library that shows a customizable Material-based bottom sheet. API 11+ required.
Android Filepicker 581
Selecting directories/files made a lot easier.
Dialog 579
Android Simple Tooltip 576
A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. 💚
Androidnavigation 574
A library managing navigation, nested Fragment, StatusBar, Toolbar for Android
React Useportal 557
🌀 React hook for Portals
Smart App Rate 555
An Android library that encourages users to rate the app on the Google Play.
Dialogv3 550
Colorpicker 531
A highly customizable color picker for Android
Aosf 511
AOSF:全称为Android Open Source Framework,即Android优秀开源框架汇总。包含:网络请求okhttp,图片下载glide,数据库greenDAO,链式框架RxJava,组件路由ARouter,消息传递通信EventBus,热更新Tinker,插件化框架Replugin,文件下载FileDownloaer,图片选择PhotoPicker,图片滤镜/毛玻璃等特效处理,GIF图片展示控件,图片九宫格控件NineGridView,对话框Dialog,导航指示器ViewpagerIndicator,进度条ProgressWheel,下拉刷新SmartRefreshLayout,key-value高效数据存储MMKV等,应有尽有。
Anylayer 504
Indicatordialog 484
a dialog with arrow indicator in the location where you want
Sweet Alert 481
Vue Ctk Date Time Picker 468
VueJS component to select dates & time, including a range mode
Alertdialogpro 467
[Deprecated] This project can make it easy to theme and custom Android's dialog. Also provides Holo and Material themes for old devices.
Search Dialog 451
An easy to use yet very customizable search dialog
Ngx Ui 449
🚀 Style and Component Library for Angular
Ngx Sweetalert2 433
Declarative, reactive, and template-driven SweetAlert2 integration for Angular
Cookiebar2 425
CookieBar2 is an Android library for displaying messages at the top or bottom of the screen.
Seq2seqchatbots 418
A wrapper around tensor2tensor to flexibly train, interact, and generate data for neural chatbots.
Gijgo 376
Gijgo - Free Javascript Controls
Smart Show 366
Toast & Snackbar & TopBar & Dialog
Giffy_dialog 356
A Flutter package for a quick and handy giffy dialog.
Fancygifdialog Android 354
Make your native android Dialog Fancy and Gify. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif's. Style your dialog from code.
Pickimage 344
Shows a DialogFragment with camera and gallery options. User can choose wich provider wants to pick images from. 📸 🖼️
Android Switchdatetimepicker 336
Android library for Date and Time Picker in same dialog
Appupdater 331
🚀 AppUpdater一个专注于App更新,一键傻瓜式集成App版本升级的轻量开源库。(无需担心通知栏适配;无需担心重复点击下载;无需担心App安装等问题;这些AppUpdater都已帮您处理好。)
Happybubble 322
💭BubbleLayout随意变化的气泡布局,BubbleDialog根据点击View的位置定位它的位置,BubbleDialog可定制方向等!(BubbleLayout changes freely,BubbleDialog click on the location of View positioning its location,BubbleDialog can be customized directions.)
Colorpickerpreference 322
🎨 A library that lets you implement ColorPicker, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference.
Mbtileparser 299
MBTileParser is a game engine written using pure UIKit in the days before SpriteKit.
React Native Awesome Alerts 296
Awesome alerts for React Native, works with iOS and Android.
Vodal 286
A vue modal with animations.
Django Private Chat 286
Django one-to-one Websocket-based Asyncio-handled chat, developed by Bearle team
Wmzdialog 285
功能最多样式最多的弹窗,支持自定义视图,链式编程调用(The most pop-up windows with the most styles, support custom views, chain programming calls)
Dialog2 281
移动端弹窗插件第二版,包括常见的 alert、confirm。toast、notice 四种类型弹窗,支持 jQuery 和 Zepto 库。
Malert 280
Custom alert View to iOS applications
Vuejs Dialog 280
A lightweight, promise based alert, prompt and confirm dialog
Materialdialog Android 280
📱Android Library to implement animated, 😍beautiful, 🎨stylish Material Dialog in android apps easily.
Android Loading Dialog 275
Md Date Time Picker 270
An implementation of Material Design Picker components in vanilla CSS, JS, and HTML
Easydialog 263
React Native Picker 257
Longpresspopup 252
Make a Popup appear long pressing on a view and handle drag-release events on its elements
Base 240
🍁 Base是针对于Android开发封装好一些常用的基类,主要包括通用的Adapter、Activity、Fragment、Dialog等、和一些常用的Util类,只为更简单。
Gonorth 238
GoNorth is a story and content planning tool for RPGs and other open world games.
Fancyalertdialog Android 232
Make your native android Dialog Fancy. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options. Style your dialog from code.
Vue Modal Dialogs 225
Promisify dialogs in Vue!
Ngx Smart Modal 206
Modal/Dialog component crafted for Angular
Nativepopup 205
Clone of Apple iOS App's feedback popup, and easily customizable.
Alertview 200
A library to create simple alerts easily with some customization.
Rflutter_alert 198
RFlutter Alert is super customizable and easy-to-use alert / popup dialog library for Flutter. You may create reusable alert styles or add buttons as much as you want with ease.
Wc Messagebox 192
基于 Vue 2.0 开发的 Alert, Toast, Confirm 插件, UI仿照 iOS 原生
Loadingbar 173
极简使用的解耦Loading组件 -
React Native Android Location Services Dialog Box 171
React Native Android Location Services Dialog Box
Medium Style Confirm 166 style confirm dialog
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