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BioAmp EXG Pill is a small (2.54 X 1.00 cm) and elegant Analog Front End (AFE) board for BioPotential signal acquisition that you can use with any 5v Micro Controller Unit (MCU) with an ADC. It is capable of recording publication grade BioPotential signals like ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG without the inclusion of any dedicated Hardware/Software filter, see BioAmp EXG Pill v0.7 intro video for more info. The v1.0 of BioAmp EXG pill provides even more flexibilty with configuration option for Gain, BandPass, Filter, and Electrodes.

Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill Assembled

Connection Configuration
BioAmp EXG Pill - Connection BioAmp EXG Pill - Configuration
Basic Arduino Circuit Electromyography (EMG)
BioAmp EXG Pill - Basic Circuit BioAmp EXG Pill - Electromyography (EMG)
Electrooculography (EOG) Horizontal Electrooculography (EOG) Vertical
BioAmp EXG Pill - Electrooculography (EOG) Horizontal BioAmp EXG Pill - Electrooculography (EOG) Vertical
Electrocardiography (ECG) Lead 1 Electroencephalography (EEG)
BioAmp EXG Pill - Electrocardiography (ECG) Lead 1 BioAmp EXG Pill - Electroencephalography (EEG)


BioAmp EXG Pill works with any 5V microcontroller with an ADC like Arduino UNO/Nano or you can use dedicated 5v compatible ADC like ADS1115. To help with signal processing and cleaning you can use the included Arduino example sketches listed below.

No. Program Description
1 FixedSampling Sample from ADC at a fixed rate for easy processing of signal.
2 EMGFilter A 74.5 - 149.5 Hz band pass filter sketch for clean Electromyography.
3 ECGFilter A 0.5 - 44.5 Hz band-pass filter sketch for clean Electrocardiography.
4 EOGFilter A 0.5 - 19.5 Hz band-pass filter sketch for clean Electrooculography.
5 EEGFilter A 0.5 - 29.5 Hz band-pass filter sketch for clean Electroencephalography.
6 EMGEnvelop EMG signal envelop detection for robotics and biomedical applications.
7 LEDBarGraph LED bar graph showing EMG amplitude.
8 ServoControl Servo motor control with EMG.
9 HeartBeatDetection Standard deviation based heart beat detection algorithm.
10 EyeBlinkDetection EOG based eye blink detection.
11 DrowsinessDetection Drowsiness detection using eye blink detection.
12 ClawController Servo claw controller
13 EOGPhotoCaptureBLE EOG based photo clicking machine using ESP32 BLE


No. Program Description
1 HeartRate Heart rate calculation with ECG.
2 BrainWaves Brain waves amplitude with FFT.
3 EOGController EOG based eye movement detection (left/right) to create a game controller.


BioAmp EXG Pill has been created using KiCad and all the design files can be found under hardware folder, including production Gerber files. Images below shows a quick overview of the hardware design.

PCB Front PCB Back
Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill front Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill back

Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill front annotated

Dimensions Schematic
Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill dimensions Upside Down Labs BioAmp EXG Pill schematic


Licenses Facts OSHWA Certification
Open Source Licenses Facts Open Source Hardware Certification mark


CERN Open Hardware License Version 2 - Strongly Reciprocal (CERN-OHL-S-2.0).


MIT open source license.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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