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SnmpCollector Go Report Card

SnmpCollector is a full featured Generic SNMP data collector with Web Administration Interface Open Source tool which has as main goal simplify the configuration for getting data from any device which snmp protocol support and send resulting data to an influxdb backend.

For complete information on installation from binary package and configuration you could read the snmpcollector wiki.

If you wish to compile from source code you can follow the next steps

Run from master

If you want to build a package yourself, or contribute. Here is a guide for how to do that.


  • Go 1.5 for snmpcollector < 0.8
  • Go 1.11 for snmpcollector >= 0.8
  • NodeJS >=6.2.1

Get Code and setup example config

git clone
cd snmpcollector
cp conf/sample.config.toml conf/config.toml

Building the backend

go run build.go build           

Building frontend and backend in production mode

npm install
PATH=$(npm bin):$PATH            # or export PATH=$(npm bin):$PATH depending on your shell
npm run build:prod               # will build fronted and backend

Creating minimal package tar.gz

After building frontend and backend you wil do

npm run postbuild #will build fronted and backend

Creating rpm and deb packages

you will need previously installed the fpm/rpm and deb packaging tools. After building frontend and backend you will do.

go run build.go latest

Running first time

To execute without any configuration you need a minimal config.toml file on the conf directory.

cp conf/sample.config.toml conf/config.toml

This will create a default user with username adm1 and password adm1pass (don't forget to change them!).

Recompile backend on source change (only for developers)

go get
npm start

will init a change autodetect webserver with angular-cli (ng serve) and also a autodetect and recompile process with bra for the backend

Online config

Now you wil be able to configure metrics/measuremnets and devices from the builting web server at http://localhost:8090 or http://localhost:4200 if working in development mode (npm start)

Offline configuration.

You will be able also insert data directly on the sqlite db that snmpcollector has been created at first execution on config/snmpcollector.db examples on example_config.sql

cat conf/example_config.sql |sqlite3 conf/snmpcollector.db

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