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Synology NAS monitoring

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The main points of this project are:

  • Persistence is supported via mounting volumes to a Docker container.
  • Grafana will store its data in SQLite files instead of a MySQL.
  • Added snmp packages and Synology NAS MIBS.
  • Enable

Enable SNMP

  1. From Control panel in your Synology NAS go to Terminal & SNMP
  2. Click on SNMP tab, and enable SNMPv1, SNMPv2 service
  3. in Community input put public
  4. Save

Run Docker image in your Synology

  1. Install Docker from Synology package center
  2. Create two empty folders in your Synology influxdb and grafana, we need to use it later to mount it to our container.
  3. Open Docker client from Synology > Image > Add > Add from url and paste Hub page url ""
  4. Wait until it finishes downloading the image
  5. Click on the image "alhazmy13/telegraf-influxdb-grafana" and then click on Launch
  6. Network Tab keep it in bridge mode
  7. Check "Enable auto-restart."
  8. Port settings, just change Local port for 3003 from Auto to 3003, and port 514 from Auto to 5144
  9. In Volume settings, click Add folder and select the first folder that we created, "grafana" and on mount Path, paste /var/lib/grafana
  10. In Volume settings again, click Add Folder and select the second folder that we created "influxdb" and on mount Path paste /var/lib/influxdb
  11. [OPTIONAL] Environment Tab > Add new variable "TZ" with your local time zone ignore this if you want to use the default UTC
  12. Apply, Next, Done and your container should be ready.

Start Grafana

  1. Open http://YOUR_LOCAL_NAS_IP:3003 and login with the default username root and password root
  2. You need to import the dashboard. To do this, go to http://YOUR_LOCAL_NAS_IP:3003/dashboard/import and put 14590 in "Import via" input
  3. Click on load and complete the process

Enable Logging

  1. Install Log center From Synology package center
  2. Open Log center app
  3. Click on Log Sending > check "Send log to syslog server"
  4. Set Server = localhost, port = 5144, Protocol = UDP, Format = BSD (RFC 3164)
  5. For testing, click on "Send test log"
  6. Apply

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