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Grafana Dashboards

A set of miscellaneous Grafana dashboards along with required collector configurations.

Quick Start

To use any of these:

  1. Edit and/or merge any required collector configurations.
  2. Restart/refresh collector if necessary.
  3. Import the .json as a new dashboard in your local Grafana instance.


Each dashboard is contained in its own directory, along with any required dependencies and configurations.

  • HP-LaserJet
    • Detailed dashboard for monitoring of HP LaserJet printers via SNMP
  • UBNT-EdgeRouter
    • Detailed dashboard for monitoring of Ubiquiti EdgeRouters via SNMP
  • UniFi-UAP
    • Detailed dashboard for monitoring of Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points via SNMP
  • Extra
    • Sample Quick Start for InfluxDB/Telegraf/Grafana stack using Docker

Potential additional dashboards may include: EdgeSwitch, BSD, Linux, Solaris, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)


These dashboards, along with screenshots, may also be found at

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