Plotlydash Flask Tutorial

📊📉 Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications.
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Plotlydash Flask Tutorial399
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📊📉 Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications.
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Plotly Dash Flask Tutorial

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Plotly Dash Tutorial

Make Plotly Dash part of your Flask Application by following this example.

Getting Started

Get set up locally in two steps:

Environment Variables

Replace the values in .env.example with your values and rename this file to .env:

  • FLASK_ENV: The environment in which to run your application; either development or production.
  • SECRET_KEY: Randomly generated string of characters used to encrypt your app's data.
  • LESS_BIN (optional for static assets): Path to your local LESS installation via which lessc.
  • ASSETS_DEBUG (optional): Debug asset creation and bundling in development.
  • LESS_RUN_IN_DEBUG (optional): Debug LESS while in development.
  • COMPRESSOR_DEBUG (optional): Debug asset compression while in development.

Remember never to commit secrets saved in .env files to Github.


Get up and running with make deploy:

$ git clone
$ cd dashboard-flask-tutorial
$ make deploy

Hackers and Slackers tutorials are free of charge. If you found this tutorial helpful, a small donation would be greatly appreciated to keep us in business. All proceeds go towards coffee, and all coffee goes towards more content.

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