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====== Bowtie

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.. figure:: :alt: Bowtie Demo :target:


Bowtie is a library for writing dashboards in Python. No need to know web frameworks or JavaScript, focus on building functionality in Python. Interactively explore your data in new ways! Deploy and share with others!


See a live example <>__ generated from this code <>__!


For more examples, check out the gallery <>__ and repos <>__. Feel free to add your own creations!


If you use conda, you can install with::

conda install -c conda-forge bowtie-py

If you use pip, you can install with::

pip install bowtie

Requirements ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Bowtie uses Yarn <>__ to manage node packages. If you installed Bowtie through conda, Yarn was also installed as a dependency. Yarn can be installed through conda::

conda install -c conda-forge yarn

Otherwise follow install instructions <>__ for Yarn for your OS.


Available here <>__.

Jupyter Integration

An early integration with Jupyter has been prototyped. I encourage you to try it out and share feedback. I hope this will make it easier to make Bowtie apps.

Read the documentation <>__ for more details.


Docker images are provided as an alternative way to use Bowtie. They are available on Docker Hub <>__::

docker pull jwkvam/bowtie

Read the documentation <>__ for more details.

The Goal

.. figure:: :alt: @astrobiased @treycausey @vagabondjack the lack of a comprehensive production-grade Shiny-alike for Python is a Big Problem


You can help Bowtie in many ways including:

  • Try it out <>__ and report bugs or what was difficult.
  • Help improve the documentation <>__.
  • Write new widgets <>__.
  • Provide hosting for apps in the gallery.
  • Say thanks <>__!


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