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This will build a container for FreePBX - A Voice over IP manager for Asterisk. Upon starting this image it will give you a turn-key PBX system for SIP calling.

  • Latest release FreePBX 15
  • Latest release Asterisk 17
  • Choice of running embedded database or modifies to support external MariaDB Database and only require one DB.
  • Supports data persistence
  • Fail2Ban installed to block brute force attacks
  • Debian Buster base w/ Apache2
  • NodeJS 10.x
  • Automatically installs User Control Panel and displays at first page
  • Option to Install Flash Operator Panel 2
  • Customizable FOP and Admin URLs

This container uses tiredofit/debian:buster as a base.

If you are presently running this image when it utilized FreePBX 14 and Asterisk 14 and can no longer use your image, please see this post



Table of Contents


This image assumes that you are using a reverse proxy such as jwilder/nginx-proxy and optionally the Let's Encrypt Proxy Companion @ in order to serve your pages. However, it will run just fine on it's own if you map appropriate ports.

You will also need an external MySQL/MariaDB container, although it can use an internally provided service (not recommended).


Automated builds of the image are available on Docker Hub and is the recommended method of installation.

docker pull tiredofit/freepbx:(imagetag)

The following image tags are available:

  • 15 - Asterisk 17, Freepbx 15 - Debian Buster (latest build)
  • 14 - Asterisk 14, Freepbx 14 - Debian Stretch (latest build)
  • latest - Asterisk 17, Freepbx 15 - Debian Buster (Same as 15)

You can also visit the image tags section on Docker hub to pull a version that follows the CHANGELOG.

Quick Start

The first boot can take from 3 minutes - 30 minutes depending on your internet connection as there is a considerable amount of downloading to do!

Login to the web server's admin URL (default /admin) and enter in your admin username, admin password, and email address and start configuring the system!



The container supports data persistence and during Dockerfile build creates symbolic links for /var/lib/asterisk, /var/spool/asterisk, /home/asterisk, and /etc/asterisk. Upon startup configuration files are copied and generated to support portability.

The following directories are used for configure and can be mapped for persistent storage.

Directory Description
/certs Drop your certificates here for TLS w/PJSIP / UCP / HTTPd/ FOP
/var/www/html FreePBX web files
/var/log/ Apache, Asterisk and FreePBX Log Files
/data Data persistence for Asterisk and FreePBX and FOP
/assets/custom OPTIONAL - If you would like to overwrite some files in the container,
put them here following the same folder structure for anything underneath the /var/www/html directory

Environment Variables

Along with the environment variables from the Base image, below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your installation.

Parameter Description Default
ADMIN_DIRECTORY What folder to access admin panel /admin
DB_EMBEDDED Allows you to use an internally provided MariaDB Server e.g. TRUE or FALSE
DB_HOST Host or container name of MySQL Server e.g. freepbx-db
DB_PORT MySQL Port 3306
DB_NAME MySQL Database name e.g. asterisk
DB_USER MySQL Username for above database e.g. asterisk
DB_PASS MySQL Password for above database e.g. password
ENABLE_FAIL2BAN Enable Fail2ban to block the "bad guys" TRUE
ENABLE_FOP Enable Flash Operator Panel FALSE
ENABLE_SSL Enable HTTPd to serve SSL requests FALSE
ENABLE_XMPP Enable XMPP Module with MongoDB FALSE
ENABLE_VM_TRANSCRIBE Enable Voicemail Transcription with IBM Watson FALSE
FOP_DIRECTORY What folder to access FOP /fop
HTTP_PORT HTTP listening port 80
HTTPS_PORT HTTPS listening port 443
INSTALL_ADDITIONAL_MODULES Comma separated list of modules to additionally install on first container startup
RTP_START What port to start RTP transmissions 18000
RTP_FINISH What port to start RTP transmissions 20000
UCP_FIRST Load UCP as web frontpage TRUE or FALSE TRUE
TLS_CERT TLS certificate to drop in /certs for HTTPS if no reverse proxy
TLS_KEY TLS Key to drop in /certs for HTTPS if no reverse proxy
WEBROOT If you wish to install to a subfolder use this. Example: /var/www/html/pbx /var/www/html
VM_TRANSCRIBE_APIKEY API Key from Watson See tutorial
VM_TRANSCRIBE_MODEL Watson Voice Model - See here for list en-GB_NarrowbandModel

ADMIN_DIRECTORY and FOP_DIRECTORY may not work correctly if WEBROOT is changed or UCP_FIRST=FALSE

If setting ENABLE_VM_TRANSCRIBE=TRUE you will need to change the mailcmd in Freepbx voicemail settings to /usr/bin/watson-transcription and set the API Key.


The following ports are exposed.

Port Description
4445 FOP
4569 IAX
5060 PJSIP
5160 SIP
8001 UCP
8003 UCP SSL
8008 UCP
8009 UCP SSL
18000-20000/udp RTP ports


  • For fail2ban rules to kickin, the security log level needs to be enable for asterisk full log file. This can be done from the Settings > Log File Settings > Log files.


  • There seems to be a problem with the CDR Module when updating where it refuses to update when using an external DB Server. If that happens, simply enter the container (as shown below) and execute upgrade-cdr, which will download the latest CDR module, apply a tweak, install, and reload the system for you.

Known Bugs

  • When installing Parking Lot or Feature Codes you sometimes get SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'helptext' at row 1. To resolve login to your SQL server and issue this statement: alter table featurecodes modify column helptext varchar(500);
  • If you find yourself needing to update the framework or core modules and experience issues, enter the container and run upgrade-core which will truncate the column and auto upgrade the core and framework modules.

Shell Access

For debugging and maintenance purposes you may want access the containers shell.

docker exec -it (whatever your container name is e.g. freepbx) bash


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