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The Top 56 Overlay Open Source Projects

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Sharp ⭐15,652
High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library.
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Driver.js ⭐10,898
A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user's focus across the page
Hearthstone Deck Tracker ⭐3,684
A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on Windows
Popupdialog ⭐3,414
A simple, customizable popup dialog for iOS written in Swift. Replaces UIAlertController alert style.
Teaset ⭐2,325
A UI library for react native, provides 20+ pure JS(ES6) components, focusing on content display and action control.
Tinydancer ⭐1,773
An android library for displaying fps from the choreographer and percentage of time with two or more frames dropped
Zhpopupcontroller ⭐1,362
Popup your custom view is easy, support custom mask style, transition effects and gesture to drag.
React Native Loading Spinner Overlay ⭐1,204
💈 React Native loading spinner overlay
Minimal ⭐805
Minimal Linux Live (MLL) is a tiny educational Linux distribution, which is designed to be built from scratch by using a collection of automated shell scripts. Minimal Linux Live offers a core environment with just the Linux kernel, GNU C library, and Busybox userland utilities.
React Overlays ⭐737
Utilities for creating robust overlay components
Webannoyances ⭐637
Fix and remove annoying web elements such as sticky headers, floating boxes, floating videos, dickbars, social share bars and other distracting elements.
Chromium_os Raspberry_pi ⭐543
Build your Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B
Overlaycontainer ⭐534
Non-intrusive iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces
Jquery Popup Overlay ⭐502
jQuery plugin for responsive and accessible modal windows and tooltips
Vue Loading Overlay ⭐488
Vue.js component for full screen loading indicator
Glosc ⭐461
Tool for using the Steam-Controller as systemwide XInput controller alongside a global overlay
Pesdk Android Demo ⭐393
A fully customizable photo editor for your app.
Voice Overlay Ios ⭐387
🗣 An overlay that gets your user’s voice permission and input as text in a customizable UI
Dovpanda ⭐375
Directions overlay for working with pandas in an analysis environment
Input Overlay ⭐299
Show keyboard, gamepad and mouse input on stream
Gentoolto ⭐290
A Gentoo Portage configuration for building with -O3, Graphite, and LTO optimizations
Martinez ⭐278
Martinez-Rueda polygon clipping algorithm, does boolean operation on polygons (multipolygons, polygons with holes etc): intersection, union, difference, xor
Is Loading ⭐232
Simple library to show visual feedback when loading data or any action that would take time
Multilamp ⭐228
Android library to showcase/highlight the multiple views on same overlay
Docker Freepbx ⭐217
Dockerized FreePBX 15 w/Asterisk 16, Seperate MySQL Database support, and Data Persistence and UCP
Designoverlay Android ⭐200
Android app which displays design image with grid lines to facilitate the tedious design implementation process
Poe Overlay ⭐178
An Overlay for Path of Exile. Built with Electron and Angular.
React Loading Overlay ⭐169
Loading overlays with fade, spinner, message support.
Voice Overlay Android ⭐164
🗣 An overlay that gets your user’s voice permission and input as text in a customizable UI
Popover ⭐158
Popover component for Angular
React Layer Stack ⭐150
Layering system for React. Useful for popover/modals/tooltip/dnd application ⭐148
Draw hardware accelerated graphics using our Direct2D1 renderer and create transparent click-through windows.
Overlay_support ⭐143
a flutter toast and notification library
Overlap ⭐133
Tiny iOS library to achieve overlap visual effect
Vue Full Loading ⭐133
Full overlay loading with spinner for Vue
Focusoverlay ⭐133
Library for creating animated overlays on focused elements
Fuse Overlayfs ⭐120
FUSE implementation for overlayfs
Sci ⭐117
[MIRROR] Gentoo Science Overlay
Gw2pao ⭐115
Guild Wars 2 Personal Assistant Overlay
Glxosd ⭐108
GLXOSD is an extensible on-screen display (OSD)/overlay for OpenGL applications running on Linux with X11 which aims to provide similar functionality to MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner OSD. It can show FPS, frame timings, temperatures and more in OpenGL games and applications. It can also be used to benchmark games, much like voglperf.
Livesmashbar ⭐107
An elegant looking and easy to use informative library with LiveData integration for Android.
Status ⭐103
A no-root status bar replacement for Android.
Overlayroot ⭐80
mounts an overlay file system over root
Kde ⭐75
[MIRROR] KDE team's testing overlay
Overlaycontroller Swift ⭐74
Convenient to make an overlay. Written in Swift 3.0
Dtoverlaycontroller ⭐70
A customizable and easy-to-use overlay view controller container.
Cas Gradle Overlay Template ⭐64
CAS Gradle Overlay: Generic CAS gradle war overlay to exercise the latest versions of CAS
Bubbles ⭐62
⚡️A library for adding messenger style floating bubbles to any android application 📲
Path Of Leveling ⭐60
A tool written in Java, with an interactive UI, for Path of Exile. Plan your leveling, track your XP and navigate through the acts.
Confetti.js ⭐53
A simple confetti animation for your website :)
Tft Overlay ⭐42
TFT Overlay - Team and item builder for League of Legends Teamfight Tactics
Gbz_overlay ⭐37
Gameboy Zero status icon overlay display
Swiftloadingindicator ⭐31
Swift Loading Indicator with Overlay
Jl S Unity Blend Modes ⭐29
👾 Collection of Unity shaders that support blend modes like photoshop layer style (Darken, Multiply, Linear Burn, etc)
React Native Overlay Section ⭐14
Overlay section like iOS Notification Center
Gameoverlay ⭐10
🎮 GameOverlay using CEF with support for common rendering backends
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