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GameHub is a unified library for all your games. It allows you to store your games from different platforms into one program to make it easier for you to manage your games.


With GameHub, you can:

  • store your games in one place
  • login to multiple platforms
  • install games from the supported sources
  • download game installers, DLCs and bonus content
  • automatically find artwork for games on SteamGridDB
  • setup emulators and automatically import emulated games

GameHub also has features like:

  • Overlays — multiple directories applied on top of each other. Each overlay is stored separately and doesn't affect other overlays. Overlays can be useful to manage DLCs and mods
  • Tweaks — environment variable and command line overrides that can be applied to games automatically

GameHub supports:

  • native games for Linux
  • multiple compatibility layers:
    • Wine
    • Proton
    • DOSBox
    • RetroArch
    • ScummVM
    • WineWrap — a set of preconfigured wrappers for supported games;
    • custom emulators
  • multiple game platforms:
    • Steam
    • GOG
    • Humble Bundle (including Humble Trove)






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