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Anchorage House HA
Anchorage House
Home Assistant Configuration

This repo contains the working Home Assistant configuration for Anchorage House. Below are links to the devices currently being used, blog posts, and other HA enthusists that provided inspiration and configs to help build this config. All of the code is free to use.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @thejeffreystone and on YouTube where I am starting to post videos of my Home Automation journey. I also post articles about this config and other Home Automation topics at

You can also follow Anchorage House on Twitter @anchoragehouse2 where it tweets about the cool stuff it does throughout the day as well as links to some of the best Home Assistent content creators out there.

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Anchorage House's Three Laws of Home Automation

When designing Anchorage House's automations I have made every effort to prioritize the solution based on the following three laws.

First Law: Every automation or action should be the result of a passive sensor or indirect action.

Second Law: An automation can be triggered by voice command only when Law 1 cannot be achieved.

Third Law: An automation or action can be trigger by a physical switch or as the result of a direct iteraction only when Law 1 and Law 2 cannot be achieved.

For more about how they are used visit

This is V5 of my config.

Major Changes in v5:
  • Migrated from Hassbian to Hassio
  • Migrated off Smartthings, which had been used a device hub. My zwave and zigbee devices are now using zwave2mqtt and zigbee2mqtt.
  • Swapped the Honeywell Wifi Thermostat out for an Ecobee. This actually happened over the summer, and I am just now updating the readme...

General Information about Anchorage House

Hassio is the flavor of Home Assistant powering Anchorage House these days. Currently it is running on a RaspberryPi 3. I also have a Ubuntu Server that handles running some other things like my 433mhz data collection from varios temperature sensors, and Splunk for Home Assistant data analytics.

The old configurations are stored in branches for anyone that wants to see the previous iterations. However, the only branch guaranteed to work with the current version of Home Assistant is master.

Read about the continuing work to automate everything over on Feel free to reach out if you have questions. I love this stuff.

One last thing. Everything in this configuration is a combination of the things I want out of a home automation system flavored with the inspiration from others using Home Assistant. In some cases I took someone else's idea and made it my own, and in some I just completely stole it. So I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge those that inpired this journey. If you like what you see here, please checkout their configs as well. I owe them thanks for sharing their work.


  • Various Apple Devices (Macbooks, Mac Mini, iPhones, iPads)
Switches / Plugs


  • Amazon Echo - Voice Control and Music
  • IFTTT - Automations
  • Life360 - Presence Detection
  • Spotify - Music
  • Google (Calendar API, GMail for sensors, and Google Home) - Voice Control, Automations based on Calendar, USPS Informed Delivery
  • Waze API - Transit time and Automations
  • Dropbox - Config backup
  • MQTT - For Zwave, Zigbee, various sensors running on a different host.
  • RTL_433 - Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Sensors
  • Cloudflare - 15 year SSL Cert
  • Splunk - Data Analytics
  • Various other services and APIs

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