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Wave is a Software as a Service Starter Kit that can help you build your next great idea . Wave is built with Laravel, Voyager, TailwindCSS, and a few other awesome technologies. Here are some of the awesome features :


View a live demo here, or deploy your own instance to DigitalOcean, by clicking the button below.

Deploy to DO


To install Wave, you'll want to clone or download this repo:

git clone project_name

Next, we can install Wave with these 4 simple steps:

1. Create a New Database

During the installation we need to use a MySQL database. You will need to create a new database and save the credentials for the next step.

2. Copy the .env.example file

We need to specify our Environment variables for our application. You will see a file named .env.example, you will need to duplicate that file and rename it to .env.

Then, open up the .env file and update your DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME, and DB_PASSWORD in the appropriate fields. You will also want to update the APP_URL to the URL of your application.



3. Add Composer Dependencies

Next, we will need to install all our composer dependencies by running the following command:

composer install

4. Run Migrations and Seeds

We need to migrate our database structure into our database, which we can do by running:

php artisan migrate

Finally, we will need to seed our database with the following command:
php artisan db:seed

And that's it! You will now be able to visit your URL and see your Wave application up and running.

Watch, Learn, and Build

We've also got a full video series on how you can setup, build, and configure Wave. You can watch first few videos for free, and additional videos will require a DevDojo Pro subscription. By subscribing to a DevDojo Pro subscription you will also be supporting the ongoing development of this project. It's a win win!

Click here to watch the Wave Video Series.


Checkout the official documentation here.

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