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This is a SaaS boilerplate built on top of the Laravel framework. Built to provide developers with a template to kickoff their SaaS application, without the hustle for repetitive tasks such as user account setup, subscriptions and role management.


  • Authentication
    • Login / Registration
    • Email Activation
    • Two Factor Login (only when enabled)
  • Subscription with Stripe
    • User plans
    • Team plans
  • Account (User Account)
    • Profile Update
    • Change Password
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Subscription
      • Cancel Subscription
      • Resume Subscription
      • Swap Plan
      • Update Card
    • API Tokens
  • Single Database Multi-tenancy
  • Admin
    • User Management
      • Manage User Roles
    • Role & Permissions Management
  • Developer Panel
    • Manage OAuth Clients
    • Manage Personal Access Tokens
  • Other features
    • Filtering (extendable)
    • API access (starter template)

Note: Some features may be subjected to change. Other features may not be listed since they are under development or do not qualify as a standard / main SaaS feature. Some common features will not be listed as well.


  1. Fork, clone or download this repository.

  2. Run composer install if its the initial setup or composer update.

  3. Setup your environment keys in .env (If .env does not exist then copy / rename .env.example as .env)

  4. Run php artisan app:name to set the name (namespace) of your app. (Remember not to live any spaces)

  5. Run php artisan migrate for initial tables setup.

  6. Optional: Run php artisan db:seed --class=RoleTableSeeder to set the initial roles and permissions, then follow step 7 below to assign a user the initial permissions and roles.

  7. Optional: To create a super / root admin; Run php artisan admin:assign-role [email protected] admin-root. Substitute [email protected] with an existing user email. admin-root is the default root Admin role.

    Note: You must follow step 6 above first to setup the root admin.


Custom Commands

  1. Admin: Assign user a role
    • Use php artisan admin:assign-role <email> <role-slug>: <email> is the user's email and <role-slug> is the slug of the role you wish to assign the user.


When pushing the project to a platform or production environment, assets or urls may be broken if the platform enforces HTTPS.

To enable urls to use HTTPS:

Set FORCE_HTTPS variable in .env file to true.

By default FORCE_HTTPS is false.

Note: If FORCE_HTTPS does not exist in your .env, just add it as a new variable and assign a boolean value true or false.

This dynamically tells Laravel to force urls to use HTTPS which is especially handy in fixing or preventing broken assets urls.

Single Database Multi-tenancy

Model setup

To start using single databse multi-tenancy call ForTenants trait on a model

use SAASBoilerplate\App\Tenant\Traits\ForTenants;

class Project extends Model
    use ForTenants;

Tenants CRUD Operations

Once you have setup the model as show above. Just call CRUD operations directly. Tenant relationships are handled automatically.

$projects = Project::create([
    'name' => 'Project 1'
$projects = Project::get();

Normal CRUD Operations

To perform CRUD operations on models with ForTenants trait can be done by adding withoutForTenants scope when fetching records associated with that model.

$projects = Project::withoutForTenants()->get();

This comes in handy for example in: admin or moderation operations


All tenant routes are under the routes folder in the tenant.php file.

Note: Tenant routes follow the same structure as other routes

The main reason we place all tenant routes separately is to handle route binding and its much easier to know which routes are for tenants.

libraries & packages

  • Main
    • PHP (>=7.1.3)
    • Laravel (Minimal 5.6)
    • Laravel Cashier (can be switched)
  • UI (can be switched)
    • Bootstrap (v4)
    • Font awesome
    • Simple Line Icons
    • jQuery
    • VueJs
    • Development
      • nodejs
      • npm


  • Stripe (payment gateway)
  • Authy by Twilio (two factor authentication)

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