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Temp Monitor

Internet of Things data platform for temperature and humidity sensors with maps

Table of contents


Visit for demo.



Technology stack

This project is also using jQuery, Bootstrap and Google Maps API.

Theme used is Bootswatch Paper.

Charts are powered by Highcharts. See their License/Pricing.

Heatmaps are generated with heatmap.js.

ESP8266 module was used for this project.



Home page when user is logged in.

Sensors list

List of sensors with latest data and action menu.

Sensor monitor


Displays temperature and humidity line chart with live data.

24 hours

Displays temperature line chart (average and range) for last 24 hours.

30 days

Displays temperature line chart (average and range) for last 30 days.

Sensor settings

Change sensor settings and alerts.

Sensor API

Quick guide on how to use RESTful API for selected sensor.


Google Maps

Basic interactive Google Map with sensor data.

Custom maps (Default)

Custom map with background.

Custom maps (Heatmap)

Custom map with background and heatmap.

How to deploy


  • Apache 2
  • PHP 5.6
  • MySQL
  • Composer


Download structure.sql file and execute SQL.

[email protected]:~$ mysql -u root -p

mysql> source path/to/structure.sql

This will create tempmonitor database and tables.

Configure MySQL settings in .env and config/database.php files.


Run composer install inside project folder to install dependencies.


If you are getting 500 error at this point, run

sudo chmod 755 -R project_folder

sudo chmod -R o+w project_folder/storage project_folder/public/uploads

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