Count the number of people around you 👨‍👨‍👦 by monitoring wifi signals 📡
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4 years ago14January 27, 201921mitPython
Count the number of people around you :family_man_man_boy: by monitoring wifi signals :satellite:
7 years ago2gpl-3.0C
Run a script when one or more sensors fail.
Farm Data Relay System417
7 months ago5mitC
A system that uses ESP-NOW, LoRa, and other protocols to transport sensor data in remote areas without relying on WiFi.
Esp Mqtt Json Multisensor304
5 years ago39apache-2.0C++
(OBSOLETE) ESP MQTT JSON Multisensor for Home Assistant. Supported sensors include the TEMT6000 light, AM312 PIR, DHT22 temperature/humidity sensors. RGB led supports flash, fade, and transition. Over-The-Air (OTA) uploading, too!
10 months ago12mitC++
Secure sensor and gateway platform based on ESP8266 and ESP32
Esp Now209
6 years ago12C++
ESP-Now Examples
5 months ago36gpl-3.0C++
CanAirIO is a citizen science initiative. We are developing a mobile application that is able to set a PM2.5 or CO2 sensors, and other related sensors, as a fixed station using WiFi or mobile station with an smartphone by using a Bluetooth connection.
4 years agoC
ESP8266 WiFi Weather Sensor
2 years ago5unlicenseC++
Code for a cheap people counter based on VL53L1X sensor and ESP32/8266
Ariadne Io65
4 years ago2JavaScript
A wireless hardware and software IoT project that monitors multiple streams of data from a sailboat. Access realtime information on any web enabled device. Built with React, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express
Alternatives To Howmanypeoplearearound
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