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Status: Supported, actively developed.

Get5 is a standalone SourceMod plugin for CS:GO servers for running matches. It is originally based on pugsetup and is inspired by eBot.

The core idea behind its use is all match details being fully defined in a single config file. Check out this example config. Its main target use-case is tournaments and leagues (online or LAN). All that is required of the server-admins is to load match config file to the server and the match should run without any more manual actions from the admins. This plugin is not invasive - most of its functionality is built to work within how the CS:GO server normally operates, not replacing its functionality. No, it is not recommended for your new matchmaking service. It is intended for competitive play, not pickup games.

It is meant to be relatively easy to use for tournament admins.

Features of this include:

  • Locking players to the correct team by their Steam ID
  • In-game map veto support from the match's maplist
  • Support for multi-map series (Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, Bo5, etc.)
  • Warmup and !ready system for each team
  • Automatic GOTV demo recording
  • Advanced backup system built on top of valve's backup system
  • Knifing for sides
  • Pausing support
  • Coaching support
  • Automatically executing match config files
  • Automatically setting team names/logos/match text values for spectator/GOTV clients
  • Stats collection and optional MySQL result/stats upload
  • Allows lightweight usage for scrims
  • Has its own event logging system you can interface with

Get5 also aims to make it easy to build automation for it. Commands are added so that a remote server can manage get5, collect stats, etc. The get5 web panel is an (functional) proof-of-concept for this.

Download and Installation


You must have sourcemod installed on the game server. You can download it at Note that sourcemod also requires MetaMod:Source to be on the server. You can download it at You must have a 1.9+ build of sourcemod.


Download a release package from the releases section or a the latest development build.

Release and development builds are currently compiled against sourcemod 1.10 and should work on sourcemod 1.10 or later.


Extract the download archive into the csgo/ directory on the server. Once the plugin first loads on the server, you can edit general get5 cvars in the autogenerated cfg/sourcemod/get5.cfg. You should also have 3 config files: cfg/get5/warmupcfg, cfg/get5/knife.cfg, cfg/get5/live.cfg. These can be edited, but I recommend not blindly pasting another config in (e.g. ESL, CEVO). Configs that execute warmup commands (mp_warmup_end, for example) will cause problems.

If you need more help, see the step-by-step guide in the wiki.

Optional steps/plugins

The get5 releases contain 2 additional plugins, disabled by default. They are in addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled. To enable one, move it up a directory to addons/sourcemod/plugins.


get5_apistats is for integration with the get5 web panel. You don't need it unless you're using the web panel. Note you need the Steamworks extension for this plugin.

NOTE: The HTTP API requests this plugin sends are not part of a public API. They are the communication between this plugin and the get5-web project; you should not rely on the API being stable. If you're a developer writing your own server listening to get5_apistats, consider forking the get5_apistats plugin and renaming it to something else.


get5_mysqlstats: is an optional plugin for recording match stats. To use it, create a "get5" section in your addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg file and use these MySQL commands to create the tables. You can also set get5_mysql_force_matchid to a matchid to make get5 ignore the matchid in match configs, and use the one in the cvar. Otherwise, the matchid will be set based on matchid returned by MySQL from the SQL insert statement.


To use get5, you generally create a match config. In this file, you'll set up the match - what players, what map(s), etc.

Once you create the match config anywhere under the server's csgo directory, run get5_loadmatch <file> in the server console. Everything will happen automatically after that.

If you don't want to create a match config, you can set get5_check_auths 0 in cfg/sourcemod/get5.cfg and then run the get5_creatematch command once all players are in the server.

Alternatively, you can also up your server for scrims by creating a scrim template specifying your team and run get5_scrim in console.

The !get5 command in-game will let you run the get5_creatematch and get5_scrim via a simple menu.


Generally admin commands will have a get5_ prefix and must be used in console. Commands intended for general player usage are created with sm_ prefixes, which means sourcemod automtically registers a ! chat version of the command. (For example: sm_ready in console is equivalent to !ready in chat)

Some client commands are available also for admin usage. For example, sm_pause and sm_unpause will force pauses if executed by the server (e.g., through rcon).

Client Commands (these can be typed by all players in chat)

  • !ready: marks a client's team as ready to begin
  • !unready: marks a client's team as not-ready
  • !pause: requests a freezetime pause
  • !unpause: requests an unpause, requires the other team to confirm
  • !tech: requests a technical pause (technical pauses have no time limit or max number of uses)
  • !coach: moves a client to coach for their team
  • !stay: elects to stay after a knife round win
  • !swap or !switch: elects to swap team side after a knife round win
  • !stop: asks to reload the last match backup file, requires other team to confirm
  • !forceready: force readies your team, letting your team start regardless of player numbers/whether they are ready

Server/Admin Commands (meant to be used by admins in console)

  • get5_loadmatch: loads a match config file (JSON or keyvalues) relative from the csgo directory
  • get5_loadbackup: loads a get5 backup file
  • get5_loadteam: loads a team section from a file into a team
  • get5_loadmatch_url: loads a remote (JSON formatted) match config by sending a HTTP(S) GET to the given url, this requires the Steamworks extension. When specifying an url with http:// or https:// in front, you have to put it in quotation marks.
  • get5_endmatch: force ends the current match
  • get5_creatematch: creates a Bo1 match with the current players on the server on the current map
  • get5_scrim: creates a Bo1 match with the using settings from configs/get5/scrim_template.cfg
  • get5_addplayer: adds a steamid to a team (any format for steamid)
  • get5_removeplayer: removes a steamid from all teams (any format for steamid)
  • get5_addkickedplayer: adds the last kicked steamid to a team
  • get5_removekickedplayer: removes the last kicked steamid from all teams
  • get5_forceready: marks all teams as ready
  • get5_dumpstats: dumps current match stats to a file
  • get5_status: replies with JSON formatted match state (available to all clients)
  • get5_listbackups: lists backup files for the current matchid or a given matchid

Other commands

  • !get5 opens a menu that wraps some common commands. It's mostly intended for people using scrim settings, and has menu buttons for starting a scrim, force-starting, force-ending, adding a ringer, and loading the most recent backup file.

Match Schema

See the example config in Valve KeyValues format or JSON format to learn how to format the configs. Both example files contain equivalent match data.

Of the below fields, only the team1 and team2 fields are actually required. Reasonable defaults are used for entires (bo3 series, 5v5, empty strings for team names, etc.)

  • matchid: a string matchid used to identify the match
  • num_maps: number of maps in the series. This must be an odd number or 2.
  • maplist: list of the maps in use (an array of strings in JSON, mapnames as keys for KeyValues), you should always use an odd-sized maplist
  • skip_veto: whether the veto will be skipped and the maps will come from the maplist (in the order given)
  • veto_first: either "team1", or "team2". If not set, or set to any other value, team 1 will veto first.
  • side_type: either "standard", "never_knife", or "always_knife"; standard means the team that doesn't pick a map gets the side choice, never_knife means team1 is always on CT first, and always knife means there is always a knife round
  • players_per_team: maximum players per team (doesn't include a coach spot, default: 5)
  • min_players_to_ready: minimum players a team needs to be able to ready up (default: 1)
  • favored_percentage_team1: wrapper for mp_teamprediction_pct
  • favored_percentage_text wrapper for mp_teamprediction_txt
  • cvars: cvars to be set during the match warmup/knife round/live state
  • spectators: see the team schema below (only the players and name sections are used for spectators)
  • team1: see the team schema below
  • team2: see the team schema below

Fields you may use, you aren't generally needed to:

  • match_title: wrapper on the mp_teammatchstat_txt cvar, but can use {MAPNUMBER} and {MAXMAPS} as variables that get replaced with their integer values. In a BoX series, you probably don't want to set this since get5 automatically sets mp_teamscore cvars for the current series score, and take the place of the mp_teammatchstat cvars.

Team Schema

Only name and players are required.

  • name: team name (wraps mp_teamname_1 and is displayed often in chat messages)
  • tag: team tag (or short name), this replaces client "clan tags"
  • flag: team flag (2 letter country code, wraps mp_teamflag_1)
  • logo team logo (wraps mp_teamlogo_1)
  • players: list of Steam id's for users on the team (not used if get5_check_auths is set to 0). You can also force player names in here; in JSON you may use either an array of steamids or a dictionary of steamids to names.
  • series_score: current score in the series, this can be used to give a team a map advantage or used as a manual backup method, defaults to 0
  • matchtext: wraps mp_teammatchstat_1, you probably don't want to set this, in BoX series mp_teamscore cvars are automatically set and take the place of the mp_teammatchstat cvars

There is advice on handling these match configs in the wiki.

Instead of the above fields, you can also use "fromfile" and a filename, where that file contains the other above fields. This is available for both json and keyvalue format.s


These are auto-executed on plugin start by the auto-generated (the 1st time the plugin starts) file cfg/sourcemod/get5.cfg.

Please see the wiki for a full list of cvars. You may also just look at the cfg/sourcemod/get5.cfg file directly on your server and see the cvar descriptions and values in the autogenerated file.

You should either set these in the above file, or in the match config's cvars section.

Note: cvars set in the cvars section will override other settings (standard CS:GO cvars are also supported).

API for developers

Get5 can be interacted with in several ways. At a glance:

  1. You can write another sourcemod plugin that uses the get5 natives and forwards. This is exactly what the get5_apistats and get5_mysqlstats plugins do. Considering starting from those plugin and making any changes you want (forking the get5 plugin itself is strongly discouraged; but just making another plugin using the get5 plugin api like get5_apistats does is encouraged).

  2. You can read event logs from a file on disk (set by get5_event_log_format), through a RCON connection to the server console since they are output there, or through another sourcemod plugin (see #1).

  3. You can read the stats get5 collects from a file on disk (set by get5_stats_path_format), or through another sourcemod plugin (see #1).

  4. You can execute the get5_loadmatch command or get5_loadmatch_url commands via another plugin or via a RCON connection to begin matches. Of course, you could execute any get5 command you want as well.

Status schema

The following is the get_status response's schema.

Static part

  • plugin_version: Get5's version number.
  • commit: Only here if COMMIT_STRING is defined (probably not your case).
  • gamestate: A number representing the game's state.
    • 0 - No setup has taken place.
    • 1 - Warmup, waiting for the veto.
    • 2 - Warmup, doing the veto.
    • 3 - Setup done, waiting for players to ready up.
    • 4 - In the knife round.
    • 5 - Waiting for a !stay or !swap command after the knife.
    • 6 - In the lo3 process.
    • 7 - The match is live.
    • 8 - Postgame screen + waiting for GOTV to finish broadcast.
  • paused: Is the match paused?
  • gamestate_string: A human-readable gamestate which is a translation of gamestate.
    • "none"
    • "waiting for map veto"
    • "map veto"
    • "warmup"
    • "knife round"
    • "waiting for knife round decision"
    • "going live"
    • "live"
    • "postgame"

Additional parts

If current game state isn't "none"

  • matchid: The current match's id. You can set it in match configs, with the property which has the same name.
  • loaded_config_file: The name of the loaded config file. If you used get5_loadmatch <file>, it's this file's name. If you used get5_loadmatch_url, the pattern of the file is remote_config%d.json, where %d is the server's id, which you can set with get5_server_id.
  • map_number: The current map number in the series.
  • team1 and team2: Two JSON objects which share the same properties.
    • name: Name of the team.
    • series_score: The score in the series.
    • ready: Boolean indicating if the team is ready.
    • side: The side on which the team is. Can be "CT", "T" or "none".
    • connected_clients: The number of human clients connected in the team.
    • current_map_score: The team's score on the current map.

If current game state is past the veto

  • maps: A JSON object which contains one property per map.
    • Key: "map%d", where %d is the map index in the array.
    • Value: The name of the map (taken from the match config).

Other things

Discord Chat

A Discord channel is available for general discussion.

Reporting bugs

Please make a github issue and fill out as much information as possible. Reproducible steps and a clear version number will help tremendously!


Pull requests are welcome. Please follow the general coding formatting style as much as possible. If you're concerned about a pull request not being merged, please feel free to make an issue and inquire if the feature is worth adding.


You can use Docker to Build get5. At first you need to build the container image locally. Therefore go to the repository folder and run:

docker build . -t get5build:latest

Afterwards you can build get5 with the following command: (specify /path/to/your/build/output and /path/to/your/get5src)

docker run --rm -v /path/to/your/get5src:/get5src -v /path/to/your/build/output:/get5/builds get5build:latest

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