Csgo Practice Mode

CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for private team/individual practice servers
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a month ago4gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for competitive matches/scrims
Csgo Practice Mode404
5 months ago65gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for private team/individual practice servers
Csgo Pug Setup402
6 months ago50gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for setting up private pug/10man games
10 days ago21gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Custom Weapon Options (Skins, NameTag, StatTrak, Wear/Float, Knives)
7 months ago33gpl-3.0Tcl
A CSGO server launcher, one-click install & run
Csgo Retakes328
23 days ago44gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for a site-retake gamemode
Csgo Multi 1v1265
6 months ago34gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin to create multi-1v1 arena servers
Little Anti Cheat249
13 days ago13SourcePawn
Anti-Cheat for Source Games
a month ago25gpl-3.0SourcePawn
A bunnyhop timer plugin for Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2.
3 months ago10mitShell
Dockerfile for automated build of a CS:GO gameserver: https://hub.docker.com/r/cm2network/csgo/
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Status: Supported, actively developed.

Practice Mode is a sourcemod plugin for helping players/teams run practices. See this YouTube video for a demonstration. Check out the features and command list below for a better understanding of all the tools practicemode provides.


Download from the releases section.

You may also download the latest development build if you wish. If you report any bugs from these, make sure to include the build number (when typing sm plugins list into the server console, the build number will be displayed with the plugin version).


  1. Confirm you have SourceMod and MetaMod:Source. You must have a 1.9+ build of sourcemod.

  2. Extract all files in the release zip from above to the csgo server directory. You should see a practicemode.smx file in addons/sourcemod/plugins.

  3. To start practicemode via the .setup command, either add yourself as a sourcemod admin or remove the admin requirement.

Note: access to the .setup requires having the sourcemod admin changemap flag ("g") by default. See the wiki for more information on changing how admin access works.

Download and installation for dummies

For a more thorough guide for users new to configuring servers, please see this wiki page.


  • Draws working grenade trajectories if sv_grenade_trajectory is on (since it doesn't work on dedicated servers)
  • Adds new cvars to give extra practice settings (infinite money, noclip without needing sv_cheats enabled)
  • Can save users' grenade locations/eye-angles with a name and description for them (grenade data is saved to a file on the server in the addons/sourcemod/data/practicemode/grenades directory)
  • Users can goto any players' saved grenades to learn or revisit them
  • Displays a menu with toggle settings to set practice cvars defined in addons/sourcemod/configs/practicemode.cfg
  • Maintains your grenade history on the current map so you can use .back and .forward to see all spots you threw grenades from in the current session
  • Can replay grenade throws for testing, either in isolation or in the context of a full timed-execute


General commands

  • .setup displays the practicemode menu
  • .prac launches practice mode and displays the .setup menu
  • .help: displays this page
  • .settings: opens the client settings menu
  • .exitprac: exits practicemode

Saving grenade positions

  • .nades [filter]: displays a menu to select saved grenade positions. .nades with no argument shows all nades. filter can be any of: nade ids, category name, player name, or part of a grenade name
  • .cats: displays a menu of all saved grenades by category
  • .save <name>: saves your current position as a grenade spot with the given name
  • .goto <grenadeid>: teleports you to a player's saved grenade (or your own if no player is named)
  • .delete: deletes the last grenade of yours that you used .goto (or .nades) to teleport to
  • .find <text>: searches all grenade names for a text match

Modifying a saved grenade

All of the following commands can only be used on your grenades. They will apply to the last saved grenade you went to, whether by .save, .nades, or .goto.

  • .desc <description>: adds a grenade description to your last grenade
  • .rename <new name>: renames your last grenade
  • .addcat <category> ...: adds a category to your last grenade
  • .removecat <category>: removes a category from your last grenade
  • .clearcats: removes all categories on your last grenade
  • .deletecat <category>: removes a category from all of your saved grenades
  • .copy <username> <grenadeid>: copies another user's grenade and saves it for you
  • .setdelay <delay>: sets a delay on your last grenade. This is only used when using .throw against a category

Testing grenades

  • .last: teleports you back to where you threw your last grenade from
  • .back: teleports you back a position in your grenade history (you can also do .back 5 to go to the 5th grenade you threw, for example)
  • .forward: teleports you forward a position in your grenade history
  • .flash: saves you position to test flashbangs against it. Use this command in a spot you want to try to blind, then move and throw the flashbang; you will be teleported back to the position and see how effective the flashbang is. Use .stop to cancel.
  • .throw [filter]: automatically throws all grenades matching the filter. With no filter, throws the last grenade you threw.
  • .noflash: makes it so no flashbangs will blind you (they still blind others)

Spawn commands

  • .respawn: makes you respawn at the spot you are standing (.stop to cancel)
  • .spawn <number>: teleports you to a spawn #, using your team's spawns (CT or T). Closest spawn is used if no argument is given
  • .ctspawn <number>: same as .spawn, but using CT only regardless of what team you are on
  • .tspawn <number>: same as .spawn, but using T only regardless of what team you are on
  • .namespawn <name>: saves the closest spawn to you under a name, which can then be gone to via .spawn <name>
  • .bestspawn: teleports you to your team's closest spawn from your current position
  • .worstspawn: teleports you to your team's furthest spawn from your current position

Bot commands

  • .bots: opens the bot menu for easier access to most of the below commands
  • .bot: adds a bot where you're standing (or crouching!); .crouchbot to force a crouching bot
  • .ctbot, .tbot: same as .bot, but forces the bot's team to CT or T
  • .botplace: adds a bot at the point you're looking at (similar to the bot_place command)
  • .boost: spawns a bot boosting you (crouch-boosting if you're crouching); .crouchboost to force a crouching bot
  • .swapbot: swaps your position with the nearest bot (temporarily, the bot will respawn in the original spot still)
  • .movebot: moves the last bot you placed to your current position
  • .nobot: removes the bot you're aiming at (can also use .kickbot or .removebot)
  • .nobots: clears all bots (.clearbots, .removebots, .kickbots also work)
  • .savebots: saves all current bots to a file
  • .loadbots: loads bots from the file (written by the last .savebots)

Miscellaneous commands

  • .timer: starts a timer when you start moving in any direction, and stops it when you stop moving, telling you the duration of time between starting/stopping
  • .timer2: starts a timer immediately and stops it when you type .timer2 again, telling you the duration of time
  • .countdown <duration>: starts a countdown timer for the duration specified (in seconds), defaulting to the round duration (the mp_roundtime cvar).
  • .fastfoward (or .ff): speeds up the server clock briefly so smokes dissipate quickly
  • .repeat <interval> <command>: give a number of seconds and a chat command, the command will automatically repeat at the given interval. For example: .repeat 3 .throw repeats .throw every 3 seconds
  • .delay <duration> <command>: runs the given chat command after a given duration (in seconds)
  • .map: changes map (you can use a map name like .map de_dust2 or just .map to get a menu)
  • .dryrun: disables most practicemode settings (leaving infinte money on), restarts the round, and sets freezetime to sm_practicemode_dry_run_freeze_time (default 6) - you can also use .dry
  • .enable <arg>: enables a partially-named setting, or "all" settings.
  • .disable <arg>: disables a partially-named setting, or "all" settings.
  • .savepos: temporarily saves a position so you can .back to it (this adds the position to the list of grenade positions you've thrown)
  • .god: toggles god mode (alias for the god command in console; requires sv_cheats to be on)
  • .endround: ends the round (alias for the endround command in console; requires sv_cheats to be on)
  • .break: breaks all func_breakable entities (most windows)
  • .stop: cancels a current action (this can stop many things: the .flash command, the .repeat command, and the .timer command)
  • .spec, .t, .ct: joins a team

Bot replay commands

Note: bot replay support is currently a work in progress. It's not ready for general use yet. Installing the dhooks extension is also a good idea if you plan using these commands. Expect random crashes if you use these.

  • .replays: opens replay mode menu
  • .replay: opens the replay mode menu, or the last replay/role menu you had open
  • .namereplay: names the replay you're currently working on
  • .namerole: names the role you're currently working on
  • .finish: finishes and saves current recording
  • .cancel: cancels current replay/recording
  • .play <id> [role]: plays a replay id (all the roles), or a single role from a replay

Also see the notes for power users for more detail on using these commands effectively.


You can edit these in the file cfg/sourcemod/practicemode.cfg, which is autogenerated when the plugin first starts.

Note that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list; check cfg/sourcemod/practicemode.cfg for more cvars, or even consider checking the source code for a more up-to-date listing.

  • sm_practicemode_alphabetize_nades: displays grenades in alphabetical order instead of id order
  • sm_practicemode_share_all_nades: lets all users edit all nades, and hides who created them
  • sm_practicemode_autostart: whether to automatically start practicemode (NOTE: several users have reported FPS or crashing issues with this cvar, use with caution)
  • sm_practicemode_max_grenades_saved: max # of grenades a user can save via .save
  • sm_infinite_money: whether to give infinite money
  • sm_allow_noclip: whether the .noclip command is enabled
  • sm_grenade_trajectory_use_player_color: whether to use cl_color to get nade trajectory color
  • sm_practicemode_can_be_started: whether practicemode can be started

Discord Chat

A Discord channel is available for general discussion.


Pull requests are welcome. Please follow the general coding formatting style as much as possible. If you're concerned about a pull request not being merged, please feel free to make an issue and inquire if the feature is worth adding. I greatly appreciate anyone trying to contribute!

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