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CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for setting up private pug/10man games
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SourceMod - Source Engine Scripting and Administration
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CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for competitive matches/scrims
Csgo Pug Setup402
5 months ago50gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for setting up private pug/10man games
7 months ago33gpl-3.0Tcl
A CSGO server launcher, one-click install & run
Csgo Retakes328
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CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for a site-retake gamemode
Sourcebans Pp300
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Admin, ban, and comms management system for the Source engine
Csgo Multi 1v1265
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CS:GO Sourcemod plugin to create multi-1v1 arena servers
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Anti-Cheat for Source Games
a month ago25gpl-3.0SourcePawn
A bunnyhop timer plugin for Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2.
2 years ago8unlicenseShell
A containerized dedicated server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Status: Supported.

This is a useful plugin for managing pug games, especially 10 mans/gathers. It allows a player to type .setup into chat and select (from a menu):

  • how to choose the teams (players do it manually, random teams, captains select teams)
  • how to choose the map (use the current map, do a map vote, veto maps)

The goal is to allow a lightweight, easy-to-use setup system that automates as much as possible with as few dependencies as possible. However, the goal isn't fully automated - it assumes the players know each other or there is an admin. There is no mechanism for kicking players or anything similar.

Part of being lightweight is doing nothing that can interfere with the server's performance. When the game is actually live, the plugin is doing extremely little work - the only thing it does is read chat commands (e.g. pausing when a captain types .pause). Otherwise, there is 0 effect on gameplay and the rounds progress the same as without sourcemod on the server. This is in contrast to the WarMod plugin or what ESEA servers use, where they are tracking the overall score, overriding the in-game warmup period, etc.

The goal is to make setup easier for people, not provide a comprehensive pug platform. Please keep this and the principle of keep it simple, stupid in mind when making any suggestions.

Also see the AlliedModders thread.

Some alternatives

  • PUG Mod (relatively plain - but no captain selection)
  • WarMod (does pretty much everything, but generally intended for matches, more complex)


You should be able to get the most recent download from https://github.com/splewis/csgo-pug-setup/releases.

This plugin optionally supports the Updater plugin, which will automatically update to backwards compatible releases. This will only update the base plugin and any change that required breakage will not auto-update, so you should still check here for newer versions.

You may also download the latest development build if you wish. If you report any bugs from these, make sure to include the build number (when typing sm plugins list into the server console, the build number will be displayed with the plugin version).


There is a notion of the the pug/game "leader". This is the player that writes .setup first and goes through the setup menu. The leader has elevated permissions and can use some extra commands (e.g. pause). To prevent some abuse there is also an admin command sm_leader to manually change the leader.

Generally, here is what happens:

  • A player joins and types .setup and goes through the menu to select how the teams and map will be chosen
  • Other players join and all type .ready
  • If the leader setup for a map vote, the map vote will occur and the map will change, then all players will type .ready on the new map
  • If the leader setup for a captain-style team selection, the game will wait for when 2 captains are selected, then the captains will be given menus to chose players
  • Then the game will initiate a live-on-3 restart and go (you can setup the match to wait for the pug leader to type .start so players can switch channels in mumble/teamspeak/etc. instead of immediately doing the lo3 by disabling autolive)


Since this is a sourcemod plugin, you must have sourcemod installed. You can download it at http://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.php.

Note that sourcemod also requires MetaMod:Source to be on the server. You can download it at http://www.sourcemm.net/downloads.php.

Installing these simply means placing their files on the game server. Uploading them over FTP (for example, using FileZilla) is all you need to do.

As of the panorama update, sourcemod 1.9 (v6241 and later) is required.

Download pugsetup.zip and extract the files to the game server. You can simply upload the addons and cfg directories to the server's csgo directory and be done.

From the download, you should have installed the following (to the csgo directory):

  • addons/sourcemod/plugins/pugsetup.smx
  • addons/sourcemod/translations/ (the entire directory)
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/pugsetup/ (the entire directory)
  • cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup (the entire directory)

Once all of these are on the server, it should just work. If you want to tweak the configs, maplists, or use the addon-plugins, read on.

Sometimes it's easier to add features in a separate plugin than the core plugin. There are a few addon (optional) plugins included in the download; all of these are in the plugins/disabled directory and they are all independent of each other. To enable one, move it from the plugins/disabled directory to the plugins directory. To read the descriptions of them (which you should do before you enable them), read the Addon Plugins section.


For quick help, also check the FAQ for some commonly asked configuration questions.

After installing the plugin, start the server and check cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup. There will be a file called pugsetup.cfg that you can edit to change the cvars the plugin uses. I recommend skimming this file at least to see if there's anything you want to change.

You can also modify the behavior of the setup menu: each option has a default value and a display setting. The display setting controls whether the option is displayed at all - if the display for an option is turned off the default is used. You can edit addons/sourcemod/configs/pugsetup/setupoptions.cfg to do this.

Alternatively, you can edit these options ingame. For example, to turn demo recording to be always on and remove it from the setup menu, you can type:

.setdefault record 1
.setdisplay record 0

This changes will save to the setupoptions config file automatically.

(A side note: when a knife round occurs the command exec sourcemod/pugsetup/knife is sent to the server - so you can edit the file cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup/knife.cfg if you wish. For example, you uncomment the last 2 lines in that file to do taser+knife rounds)

You can also add more chat alias commands in addons/sourcemod/configs/pugsetup/chataliases.cfg if you wish. If players are not comfortable with english, I'd strongly recommend adding chat aliases, since those will be read by the plugin and used in chat messages when referencing commands.

Just like with setup options, you can edit these in game. For example, you could type:

.addalias .gaben sm_ready

This will automatically save to the chataliases config file.

By default the plugin uses the cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup/live.cfg config when going live. You are free to change this file all you want (or change which file is used via the sm_pugsetup_live_cfg cvar). (Note: if you use knife rounds, the knife config will be executed after the live config, but all the cvars it changed will be restored to their previous values after the knife round finishes.)

Discord Chat

A Discord channel is available for general discussion.

For developers

There is some extension support in the form of some natives and forwards. See pugsetup.inc.

The optional addon plugins generally make good use of these. Check the scripting directory and look at some for examples.

Enabling GOTV

You need to enable gotv to use the demo-recording feature. Adding the following to your server.cfg will work:

tv_enable 1
tv_delaymapchange 1
tv_delay 45
tv_deltacache 2
tv_dispatchmode 1
tv_maxclients 10
tv_maxrate 0
tv_overridemaster 0
tv_relayvoice 1
tv_snapshotrate 20
tv_timeout 60
tv_transmitall 1

Of course, you can tweak the values.


Some commands that are important are (all of these are actually sm_ commands for console, but most people use the ! chat command):

  • .setup, begins the setup phase and sets the pug leader
  • .10man, an alias of setup with 5v5, captains, and a mapvote
  • .ready
  • .notready
  • .pause requests a pause (which takes effect next freezetime)
  • .unpause request an unpause
  • .start starts the game if auto-live has been disabled
  • .capt gives the pug leader a menu to select captains
  • .rand selects random captains
  • .leader gives a menu to change the game leader
  • .endgame force ends the game safely (only the leader can do this, note that this resets the leader to nobody)
  • .forceend force ends the game without a confirmation menu
  • .stay chooses to stay after winning a knife round
  • .swap chooses to swap after winning a knife round
  • .ct chooses to start on ct after winning a knife round
  • .t chooses to start on ct after winning a knife round

You can also type !ready instead of .ready, or !capt instead of .capt, etc.

Note: above are actually only chat aliases of the commands - the "true" command of .ready is the console command sm_ready. This is true for all pugsetup commands. Being able to type !ready, /ready, or .ready in chat are simply for convenience.

These are some helper commands for automation purposes the bypass requiring a player to press any menus:

  • sm_forceend (force ends the game with no confirmation menu)
  • sm_forcestart (force starts the match)

Other admin level commands are:

  • sm_addmap [temp|perm] to add a map to the maplist (defaults to permanently writing to the maplist)
  • sm_removemap [temp|perm] to remove a map from the maplist (defaults to permanently writing to the maplist)
  • sm_addalias to add a chat alias
  • sm_removealias to remove a chat alias
  • sm_setdefault to set a default setup menu setting
  • sm_setdisplay <0|1> to set whether a setup setting is displayed in the setup menu

The command pugstatus (which is only a console command) will dump pug match state information, including setup options, pug leader, captains, etc.


These are put in an autogenerated file at cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup.cfg, once the plugin starts it will autogenerate that file with these cvars and values.

  • sm_pugsetup_admin_flag (default "b") - Admin flag to mark players as having elevated permissions
  • sm_pugsetup_announce_countdown_timer (default 1) - Whether to announce how long the countdown has left before the lo3 begins
  • sm_pugsetup_auto_randomize_captains (default 0) - When games are using captains, should they be automatically randomized? Note you can still manually set them use .rand/!rand to redo the randomization
  • sm_pugsetup_autosetup (default 0) - Whether a pug is automatically setup using the default setup options or not
  • sm_pugsetup_autoupdate (default 1) - Whether the plugin may (if the Updater plugin is loaded) automatically update
  • sm_pugsetup_demo_name_format (default "pug_{TIME}_{MAP}") - Naming scheme for demos. You may use {MAP}, {TIME}, and {TEAMSIZE}. Make sure there are no spaces or colons in this
  • sm_pugsetup_exclude_spectators (default 0) - Whether to exclude spectators in the ready-up counts. Setting this to 1 will exclude specators from being selected captains as well.
  • sm_pugsetup_exec_default_game_config (default 1) - Whether gamemode_competitive (the matchmaking config) should be executed before the live config.
  • sm_pugsetup_force_defaults (default 0) - Whether the default setup options are forced as the setup options (note that admins can override them still).
  • sm_pugsetup_knife_cfg (default "sourcemod/pugsetup/knife.cfg") - Config to execute when the knife round begins. Cvars set in this file are automatically reverted to pre-knife-round values right before executing the live config.
  • sm_pugsetup_live_cfg (default "sourcemod/pugsetup/live.cfg") - Config to excute when the game goes live.
  • sm_pugsetup_maplist_aim_maps (default "aim_maps.txt") - If using aim map warmup, the maplist file in addons/sourcemod/configs/pugsetup to use. You may also use a workshop collection ID instead of a maplist you if you have the SteamWorks extension installed.
  • sm_pugsetup_maplist (default "maps.txt") - Maplist file in addons/sourcemod/configs/pugsetup to use. You may also use a workshop collection ID instead of a maplist you if you have the SteamWorks extension installed.
  • sm_pugsetup_mapvote_time (default 20) - How long the map vote should last if using map-votes.
  • sm_pugsetup_max_team_size (default 5) - Maximum size of a team when selecting teams.
  • sm_pugsetup_message_prefix (default "[{YELLOW}PugSetup{NORMAL}]" - The tag applied before plugin messages.
  • sm_pugsetup_money_on_warmup_spawn (default 0) - Whether clients recieve 16,000 dollars when they spawn. It's recommended you use mp_death_drop_gun 0 in your warmup config if you use this.
  • sm_pugsetup_mutual_unpausing (default 1) - Whether an unpause command requires someone from both teams to fully unpause the match.
  • sm_pugsetup_pausing_enabled (default 1) - Whether pausing is allowed.
  • sm_pugsetup_quick_restarts (default 0) - If set to 1, going live won't restart 3 times and will just do a single restart.
  • sm_pugsetup_setup_enabled (default 1) - Whether the sm_setup and sm_10man commands are enabled
  • sm_pugsetup_randomize_maps (default 1) - When maps are shown in the map vote/veto, whether their order is randomized.
  • sm_pugsetup_snake_captain_picks (default 0) - If set to 0: captains pick players in a ABABABAB order. If set to 1, in a ABBAABBA order. If set to 2, in a ABBABABA order.
  • sm_pugsetup_start_delay (default 5) - How many seconds before the lo3 process should being.
  • sm_pugsetup_time_format (default "%Y-%m-%d_%H%M") - Time format to use when creating demo file names.
  • sm_pugsetup_warmup_cfg (default "sourcemod/pugsetup/warmup.cfg") - Config file to run before/after games; should be in the csgo/cfg directory.

Addon plugins


This plugin kicks players that join when the game is already live, and players not selected by captains when using captain-player selection. It also offers admin immunity. You can tweak its behavior by editing cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup_autokicker.cfg.


This plugin sets team names/flag according to the players on the team. Here's how it works

  • you run the sm_name command in console to associate a player with a team name and flag (example: sm_name splewis "splewises terrible team" "US")
  • when the game goes live, the plugin picks a name/flag randomly from the players on each team
  • when running the sm_name command, the syntax is: sm_name <player> <teamname> <teamflag>
  • note that the team flags are the 2-letter country codes
  • the team names/flags are stored using the clientprefs API, so a database for clientprefs must be set (it is by default)


This plugin blocks players from joining full teams when a game is live.


This plugin adds some tags to the server hostname depending on the pug status, examples: "[LIVE 11-5]" and "[NEED 3]".


This plugin implements a simple rws calculation scheme and adds an option to the .setup menu to use autobalanced teams. When using captains, the players with the 2 highest RWS values will be made captains. You can tweak its behavior by editing cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup_rwsbalancer.cfg.


This plugin prints out the team members' money to chat on round starts, you can tweak its behavior by editing cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup_chatmoney.cfg.


This plugin adds a .dmg command that also prints damage done/taken from players on round ends. You can disable the usage of the .dmg command with sm_pugsetup_damageprint_allow_dmg_command 0 and change the format of the messages with sm_pugsetup_damageprint_format by editing cfg/sourcemod/pugsetup_damageprint.cfg.

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