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A color scheme for Sublime Text, (Neo)Vim, iTerm, and more. Based on Atom's One.

dark light desktop_dark desktop_light

Table of Contents


                        light     dark
0   normal  black       #383a42   #282c34
1   normal  red         #e45649   #e06c75
2   normal  green       #50a14f   #98c379
3   normal  yellow      #c18401   #e5c07b
4   normal  blue        #0184bc   #61afef
5   normal  magenta     #a626a4   #c678dd
6   normal  cyan        #0997b3   #56b6c2
7   normal  white       #fafafa   #dcdfe4
            foreground  #383a42   #dcdfe4
            background  #fafafa   #282c34


All screenshots are available in the screenshots folder.

Installation & Usage


Install with Vundle then set colorscheme and g:airline_theme:

Bundle 'sonph/onehalf', {'rtp': 'vim/'}
colorscheme onehalflight
let g:airline_theme='onehalfdark'

Or if you are using lightline, set g:lightline.colorscheme:

let g:lightline.colorscheme='onehalfdark'

If you want your vim and terminal colors to match exactly, you must enable true colors in vim.

For more details and manual installation, see vim README.

Sublime Text 2/3

Install with Package Control.

For more details and manual installation, see sublime text README.


  1. Download the theme files in the iterm folder.
  2. Import the color schemes:
  • Either double click on the files to import.
  • Or open iTerm Preferences > Profiles > Colors > Color Presets > Import then select the downloaded files.
  1. Select Preferences > Profiles > Colors > Color Presets > One Half Light (Dark).


Download the files in the terminal folder and simply open the files. will automatically recognize and import the color schemes.


Copy the files in the wal/colorschemes folder under the matching directories in ~/.config/wal/colorschemes, then enable the schemes (-l is for light theme):

> wal -l --theme one-half-light
# or
> wal --theme one-half-dark

Contributing / Troubleshooting / Bug Reports

Contributions are welcome. Feel free to open an issue if you have problems installing and using the color schemes.

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