Scouter is an open source APM (Application Performance Management) tool.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Skywalking22,6654282 days ago28September 01, 202349apache-2.0Java
APM, Application Performance Monitoring System
Pinpoint13,0541118 hours ago13October 11, 2023420apache-2.0Java
APM, (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems.
Androidperformancemonitor6,5944115 months ago10August 31, 201655apache-2.0Java
A transparent ui-block detection library for Android. (known as BlockCanary)
Ios Performance Optimization4,371
2 years ago3mitObjective-C
关于iOS 性能优化梳理、内存泄露、卡顿、网络、GPU、电量、 App 包体积瘦身、启动速度优化等、Instruments 高级技巧、常见的优化技能- Get — Edit
2 months ago7bsd-3-clauseJava
High performance Java APM. Powered by ASM. Try it. Test it. If you feel its better, use it.
Javamelody2,88048422a day ago94July 30, 202360apache-2.0Java
JavaMelody : monitoring of JavaEE applications
5 years ago29apache-2.0Java
Powerful, comprehensive (Android) application performance management platform. 360线上移动性能检测平台
Scouter2,0042222 days ago27May 29, 2023199otherJava
Scouter is an open source APM (Application Performance Management) tool.
Stagemonitor1,6951189 months ago47April 06, 202085apache-2.0Java
an open source solution to application performance monitoring for java server applications
Httpreports1,154202 years ago99September 26, 20212mitC#
HttpReports is an APM (application performance monitor) system for .Net Core.
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Application Performance Monitoring for Open Source S/Ws.

SCOUTER is an open source APM like new relic and appdynamics. (APM means application performance monitoring or application performance management.)

  • Monitoring targets (from scouter agent)

    • Java Agent : Web application (on Tomcat, JBoss, Resin ...), Standalone java application
    • Host Agent : Linux, Windows, Unix
  • Monitoring targets (from Telegraf support) Since @2.0.0

    • Redis, nginX, apache httpd, haproxy, Kafka, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Kube, Mesos ...
  • Monitoring targets (from Zipkin-Scouter storage) Since @2.5.0


Users use application services on a system and the services use resources on the system. You should understand this context in order to manage the system performance efficiently. SCOUTER can help you.

  • SCOUTER shows
    • Metrics about users : Active user, Recently used user, Today visitor
    • Metrics about services : Active service, TPS, Response time, Application profiles(method profile, sql profile, external call profile...)
    • Metrics about resources : Cpu, Memory, Network and Heap usage, Connection pools etc.

At a glance(Click to watch the video)

Demo gif




Official modules:

  • Agent : gather performance information and send to the server

    • Java Agent (JVM Agent) : gathering profiles and performance metrics of JVM & Web application server(eg. Tomcat)...
    • Host Agent (OS Agent) : gathering performance metrics of Linux, Windows and OSX...
    • MariaDB Agent : [to be announced]
  • Server (Collector) : save the performance metrics from scouter agents or telegraf. The data is streamed to scouter client.

  • Client (Viewer) : client program based on RCP. (not support OSX Big Sur.)

  • Web API (Since @1.8.0) : scouter web apis to get counters, XLogs, profiles and another performance metrics via HTTP protocol.

  • Weaver (Since @2.17.0) : Provides the ability to directly control Scouter XLog and Profiles at the code level of Java applications.

3rd-party UIs


3rd-party Agent


How to contribute

  • Notice : Pull request to develop branch only allowed.
  • Refer to the development guide below.
  • Please note that you will have to complete a CLA for your first pull-request.


Blogging & Posts


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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