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HttpReports APM


HttpReports is an APM (application performance monitor) system for Net Core. Based on MIT open source protocol, The main functions include statistics, analysis, visualization, monitoring, tracking, etcIt is very suitable for use in microservices.

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The online preview

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Main features

  • Service, instance, endpoint metrics analysis
  • Slow request, error request analysis
  • Service call parameter query
  • Multi dimensional early warning and monitoring
  • HTTP, grpc call analysis
  • Service topology map analysis
  • Distributed tracing
  • Multi database support, easy integration

Database support

Database Nuget
SqlServer HttpReports.SqlServer
MySql HttpReports.MySQL
PostgreSQL HttpReports.PostgreSQL


HttpReports is an open source APM system in Core environment, which is very suitable for microservice environment. If it is a small or medium-sized project, then HttpReports is a good choice, open source is not easy, if it can help you, please give us a star, thank you

Communication feedback

If you use HttpReports in the project, or if you are interested, you can join the QQ group, News about HttpReports are published in QQ group. If You have any questions you can also add me on WeChat.


This project is an MIT-licensed open source project. In order to achieve better and sustainable development of the project, we expect to gain more backers. We will use the proceeds for community operations and promotion.

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