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Fashion Mnist ⭐7,257
A MNIST-like fashion product database. Benchmark 👉
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Awesome Semantic Segmentation ⭐5,935
🤘 awesome-semantic-segmentation
Benchmarkdotnet ⭐5,046
Powerful .NET library for benchmarking
Frameworkbenchmarks ⭐4,892
Source for the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project
Hyperfine ⭐4,767
A command-line benchmarking tool
Benchmark ⭐4,133
A microbenchmark support library
Web Frameworks ⭐3,656
Which is the fastest web framework?
Sysbench ⭐2,945
Scriptable database and system performance benchmark
Benchmark_results ⭐2,850
Visual Tracking Paper List
Across ⭐2,734
Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world
Tsung ⭐1,938
Tsung is a high-performance benchmark framework for various protocols including HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.
Ann Benchmarks ⭐1,442
Benchmarks of approximate nearest neighbor libraries in Python
Appdocs ⭐1,169
Application Performance Optimization Summary
Awesome Http Benchmark ⭐1,154
HTTP(S) benchmark tools, testing/debugging, & restAPI (RESTful)
Go Web Framework Benchmark ⭐1,131
⚡️ Go web framework benchmark
Attabench ⭐1,113
Microbenchmarking app for Swift with nice log-log plots ⭐1,098
Statistics-driven benchmarking library for Rust ⭐1,051 v2.
Phoronix Test Suite ⭐1,030
The Phoronix Test Suite open-source, cross-platform automated testing/benchmarking software.
Php Framework Benchmark ⭐1,009
PHP Framework Benchmark
1m Go Tcp Server ⭐856
benchmarks for implementation of servers which support 1 million connections
Evo ⭐852
Python package for the evaluation of odometry and SLAM
Tbcf ⭐851
Tracking Benchmark for Correlation Filters
Huststore ⭐799
High-performance Distributed Storage
Bench Scripts ⭐704
A compilation of Linux server benchmarking scripts.
Slm Lab ⭐673
Modular Deep Reinforcement Learning framework in PyTorch.
Caffenet Benchmark ⭐660
Evaluation of the CNN design choices performance on ImageNet-2012.
Sbt Jmh ⭐645
"Trust no one, bench everything." - sbt plugin for JMH (Java Microbenchmark Harness)
Aoe ⭐643
AoE (AI on Edge,终端智能,边缘计算) 是一个终端侧AI集成运行时环境 (IRE),帮助开发者提升效率。
Iocperformance ⭐625
Performance comparison of .NET IoC containers
Agoo ⭐595
A High Performance HTTP Server for Ruby
Pytest Benchmark ⭐567
py.test fixture for benchmarking code
Java Sec Code ⭐557
Java Web Common Vulnerabilities and Security Code.
Microservices Framework Benchmark ⭐547
Raw benchmarks on throughput, latency and transfer of Hello World on popular microservices frameworks
Boomer ⭐524
A better load generator for locust, written in golang.
Celero ⭐508
C++ Benchmark Authoring Library/Framework
Nbench ⭐472
Performance benchmarking and testing framework for .NET applications 📈
Clue ⭐469
中文任务基准测评 Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark: datasets, baselines, pre-trained models, corpus and leaderboard
Textclassificationbenchmark ⭐463
A Benchmark of Text Classification in PyTorch
Py Motmetrics ⭐460
📊 Benchmark multiple object trackers (MOT) in Python
Fastexpressioncompiler ⭐447
Fast ExpressionTree compiler to delegate
Prophiler ⭐446
PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar (built for Phalcon)
Nench ⭐445
VPS benchmark script — based on the popular, plus CPU and ioping tests, and dual-stack IPv4 and v6 speedtests by default
Flow ⭐439
Computational framework for reinforcement learning in traffic control
Sympact ⭐435
🔥 Simple stupid CPU/MEM "Profiler" for your JS code.
Asv ⭐424
Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python benchmarking tool with web-based reporting
S3 Benchmark ⭐405
Measure Amazon S3's performance from any location.
Rpc Benchmark ⭐404
java rpc benchmark, 灵感源自
Rspec Benchmark ⭐386
Performance testing matchers for RSpec
Blurtestandroid ⭐377
This is a simple App to test some blur algorithms on their visual quality and performance
Tf_to_trt_image_classification ⭐376
Image classification with NVIDIA TensorRT from TensorFlow models.
Memtier_benchmark ⭐365
NoSQL Redis and Memcache traffic generation and benchmarking tool.
Caliper ⭐361
A blockchain benchmark framework to measure performance of multiple blockchain solutions
Lzbench ⭐355
lzbench is an in-memory benchmark of open-source LZ77/LZSS/LZMA compressors
Completely Unscientific Benchmarks ⭐340
Naive performance comparison of a few programming languages (JavaScript, Kotlin, Rust, Swift, Nim, Python, Go, Haskell, D, C++, Java, C#, Object Pascal, Ada, Lua, Ruby)
Mimic3 Benchmarks ⭐330
Python suite to construct benchmark machine learning datasets from the MIMIC-III clinical database.
Css In Js Benchmarks ⭐330
Ffi Overhead ⭐322
comparing the c ffi (foreign function interface) overhead on various programming languages
Pyperformance ⭐320
Python Performance Benchmark Suite
Face Landmarks Detection Benchmark ⭐318
Face landmarks(fiducial points) detection benchmark
Cpu X ⭐299
CPU-X is a Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more.
Moses ⭐286
Molecular Sets (MOSES): A Benchmarking Platform for Molecular Generation Models
Pcam ⭐285
The PatchCamelyon (PCam) deep learning classification benchmark.
Cista ⭐282
Simple C++ Serialization & Reflection.
Bench ⭐280
A generic latency benchmarking library.
Api Benchmark ⭐277
A node.js tool to benchmark APIs
Smac ⭐270
SMAC: The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge
Modclean ⭐267
Remove unwanted files and directories from your node_modules folder
Oltpbench ⭐263
Database Benchmarking Framework
Fperf ⭐260
Framework of performance testing
Lanczosnetwork ⭐260
Lanczos Network, Graph Neural Networks, Deep Graph Convolutional Networks, Deep Learning on Graph Structured Data, QM8 Quantum Chemistry Benchmark, ICLR 2019
Cob ⭐260
Continuous Benchmark for Go Project
Benchmarks Of Javascript Package Managers ⭐255
Benchmarks of JavaScript Package Managers
Layoutframeworkbenchmark ⭐253
Benchmark the performances of various Swift layout frameworks (autolayout, UIStackView, PinLayout, LayoutKit, FlexLayout, Yoga, ...)
Web Tooling Benchmark ⭐250
JavaScript benchmark for common web developer workloads
Perfops Cli ⭐248
A simple command line tool to interact with hundreds of servers around the world.
Go Benchmark ⭐246
Golang benchmarks used for optimizing code
Benchmarktools.jl ⭐222
A benchmarking framework for the Julia language
Ut ⭐219
[Boost].UT: C++17/20 μ(micro)/Unit Testing Framework
App Servers ⭐211
App Servers benchmarked for: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Dart, Elixir, Java, Crystal, Nim, GO, Rust
Superpixel Benchmark ⭐204
An extensive evaluation and comparison of 28 state-of-the-art superpixel algorithms on 5 datasets.
Pyaf ⭐203
PyAF is an Open Source Python library for Automatic Time Series Forecasting built on top of popular pydata modules.
Turbo Run Length Encoding ⭐198
TurboRLE-Fastest Run Length Encoding
Meta Dataset ⭐191
A dataset of datasets for learning to learn from few examples
Java Object Mapper Benchmark ⭐189
JMH benchmark of Java object-to-object mapping frameworks
Fixed_point ⭐181
C++ Binary Fixed-Point Arithmetic
Dbtester ⭐180
Distributed database benchmark tester
Turbobench ⭐172
Compression Benchmark
Jax Rs Performance Comparison ⭐172
⚡️ Performance Comparison of Jax-RS implementations and embedded containers
Srs Bench ⭐168
SB(SRS Bench) is a http/rtmp/hls load benchmark tool base on ST and srs-librtmp.
Pytorch Retraining ⭐165
Transfer Learning Shootout for PyTorch's model zoo (torchvision)
Dlbench ⭐164
Benchmarking State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Software Tools
Sangrenel ⭐162
Apache Kafka load testing "...basically a cloth bag filled with small jagged pieces of scrap iron"
Blue Team ⭐160
Blue Team Scripts
Uibench ⭐156
UI Benchmark
Gotemplatebenchmark ⭐150
comparing the performance of different template engines
D Optimizer ⭐148
Make Dota 2 fps great again
Php Orm Benchmark ⭐143
PHP ORM Benchmark
Dbnet ⭐142
DBNet: A Large-Scale Dataset for Driving Behavior Learning, CVPR 2018
Jmh Visualizer ⭐141
Visually explore your JMH Benchmarks
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