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App Intro / Instruction component to show data over app UI at run time!
Easy to use, Animated and Customizable.

Supported Components are : UITabbarItem, TableView, TabbarView, all UIView controls and components!

For demo project check this repo

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  • Xcode 9+
  • Swift 4+
  • iOS 9+



source ''
platform :ios, '9.0'

target '<Your Target Name>' do
pod 'SwiftyOverlay'
pod update 
pod install


Inherit SkipOverlayDelegate

class ViewController: UIViewController, SkipOverlayDelegate

Create an instance of GDOverlay

var overlay: GDOverlay = GDOverlay()

Set delegate

overlay.delegate = self

Set properties

overlay.arrowColor =
overlay.arrowWidth = 2.0
overlay.lineType = LineType.line_bubble


// Full properties list can be found on sample project

Now call Overlay View Skip function to show!


Override onSkipSignal function

func onSkipSignal(){
    /// Add an attributed string over the screen
    overlay.drawOverlay(desc: NSMutableAttributedString)

    /// TableView
    overlay.drawOverlay(to: self.tableView, section: 0, row: 0, desc: "Description ...")
    /// UIBarButtonItem
    overlay.drawOverlay(to: barButtonItem, desc: "Description ...")

    /// Any other views
    overlay.drawOverlay(to: self.someView, desc: "Description ...", isCircle: true)
    /// TabBar Items
    overlay.drawOverlay(to: self.tabbarView, item: 0, desc: "Description ...")
    /// For StackViews, Eg. first view of stackview
    let targetView = stackView.arrangedSubviews[0]
    o.drawOverlay(to: targetView, desc: "Description ...", isCircle: true)


SwiftyHelpOverlay is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE.txt file for more info.

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