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Ticketator is a simple ticketing system developed in Python 2, based on Django Framework. It's inspired in some Jira features and others ticketing systems commonly used by IT Departments.

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Ticketator is about tickets, queues, users and groups.

You can find more screenshots screenshot here

Some cool features

  • Simple ticket creation
  • Queues to organize tickets
  • Rights to organize access to queues (based on group access, can comment, can edit, can view...)
  • Comments on tickets
  • Ability to define percentage made on a particular task
  • Microtask related to a main taks (and percentage overall obtained from all microtask progress)
  • Multiple users and groups
  • HTML responsible design
  • Dashboard with important info as open & pending tickets & RSS feed
  • Only a few AJAX calls, not a Javascript/Jquery monster

Start to use Ticketator is as simple as install it, load initial data, create a superuser, a queue, and you're ready to create tickets!

Give a try to Ticketator, and give us your feedback!


  • Django 1.9 or greater
  • Postgres or similar (as supported by Django ORM)
  • [django-colorfield]
  • [django-extensions]


git clone

Once installed, satisfy some dependencies manually

pip install django-colorfield
pip install django-extensions

TODO: first steps to put Ticketator on road.

Docker demo

Docker image to test Ticketator without effort:


  • (Docker)[]
  • (Docker-compose)[]

Run it

# Build images
docker-compose build

# Run containers (in background)
docker-compose up -d

# Create admin user
docker exec -it ticketator_backend_1 ./ticketatorapp/ createsuperuser

# Login on http://localhost:8000

Disclaimer & Feedback

Ticketator is under active developement and some areas could not be working as expected. Please, let you free to give us your feedback constructively under the "Issue" area on Github. Forks & Pull Requests, will be apreciatted.

Before pushing

flake8 --max-line-length=100 --ignore=F841 --exclude=migrations,,settings .


  • Write Tests
  • Inventory module
  • See "Issues" in Github to see next enhacements



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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