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Awesome Open Source

Welcome to Zammad

Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system with many features to manage customer communication via several channels like telephone, facebook, twitter, chat and e-mails. It is distributed under version 3 of the GNU AFFERO General Public License (GNU AGPLv3).

Do you receive many e-mails and want to answer them with a team of agents?

You're going to love Zammad!


  • CI: ci
  • Build Docker images: build-docker-compose-images build-docker-image
  • Code: Code Climate
  • Docs: Documentation Status
  • Issues: Percentage of issues still open Average time to resolve an issue
  • Download DEB/RPM:
  • Docker multi container image:
  • Docker single container image:
  • Vagrant:
  • License:

Installing & Getting Started





Your Zammad Team

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