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DIY Django + React Boilerplate for starting your SaaS
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Open Source Pricing & Packaging Infrastructure
4 years ago
Pinax Stripe Light659
10a year ago36December 15, 202179other
a payments Django app for Stripe
Django React Boilerplate528
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DIY Django + React Boilerplate for starting your SaaS
Djaodjin Saas441
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Django application for software-as-service and subscription businesses
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A simple, generic plans-, pricing- and recurring-billing app.
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Sample django app for subscription based web service
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API Gateway with user profiles, billing, and role-based access control
43 years ago5April 22, 201511otherPython
Making Django configuration more 12factor-y
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Automatic responses for Google Chat and Hangouts.
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DIY Django and React Boilerplate for SaaS

It is a do-it-yourself Django + React Boilerplate for starting your SaaS application. In existing boilerplates for Django+React (or just for Django), there are very often too many features provided (do you really need traffik for MVP?). So before starting, you need to remove a lot of functionality that you don't need or simply don't understand.

I decided to create a simple Django+React boilerplate with step-by-step instructions on how to build it. During building, you can decide what you need or not. And for sure, you learn a lot about Django and React. I hope it will provide a good and quick starting point for creating SaaS applications. I want to create real SaaS applications based on this boilerplate with step-by-step tutorials on how they were created. They will be available on SaaSitive website.

Features (already implemented or planned)

  • Backend with Django Rest Framework
  • Frontend with React
  • Bootstrap for styling
  • Deployment with docker-compose on a single VPS
  • SSL certificate from Let's encrypt
  • PostgreSQL database (not yet configured)
  • Authentication with DRF authtoken and Djoser
  • AWS SES for Email sending (not yet implemented)
  • python-decuple for secrets
  • Payments with Stripe (not yet implemented)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and how to update the application

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Starting SaaS with Django and React (tag v1)
  2. React Routing and Components for Signup and Login (tag v2)
  3. Token Based Authentication with Django Rest Framework and Djoser (tag v3)
  4. React Token Based Authentication to Django REST API Backend (tag v4)
  5. React Authenticated Component (tag v5)
  6. CRUD in Django Rest Framework and React (tag v6)
  7. Docker-Compose for Django and React with Nginx reverse-proxy and Let's encrypt certificate (tag v7)
  8. Django Rest Framework Email Verification (tag v8)
  9. Django Rest Framework Reset Password (tag v9)

More articles coming soon!


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