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What is Opta?

Opta is a new kind of Infrastructure-As-Code framework where you work with high-level constructs instead of getting lost in low level cloud configuration. Imagine just being able to say that you want an autoscaling docker container that talks to a RDS database - instead of figuring out the details of VPC, IAM, Kubernetes, Elastic Load Balancing etc -- that's what Opta does!

Who is it for?

Opta is designed for folks who are not Infrastructure or Devops experts but still want to build amazing, scalable, secure Infra in the cloud. Majority of Opta's users are early stage startups who use it for their dev/staging/production environments.

If you'd like to try it out or have any questions - feel free to join our Slack!

Demo Video

Try out Opta

To use Opta, you first need to create some simple yaml configuration files that describe your needs. You can use:

What you get with Opta

  • Production ready Architecture
  • Continuous Deployment for containerized workloads
  • Hardened network and security configurations
  • Support for multiple environments (like Dev/QA/Staging/Prod)
  • Integrations with observability tools (like Datadog/LogDNA/Prometheus/SumoLogic)
  • Support for non-kubernetes resources like RDS, Cloud SQL, DocumentDB etc
  • Built-in auto-scaling and high availability (HA)
  • Support for spot instances


Dev guide

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