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Android TMDB with Clean Architecture concepts

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What is this?

Just a simple project to try new stuff on Android showing some movies fetched from the TMDB (The Movie Database) API.

The purpose of this project is to show a real-world application example, from using modern architecture decisions, to having a good code coverage, as well as providing integrations with many third-party services (Travis CI, Firebase Test Lab, Google Play, Crashlytics, Slack, etc)

Feel free to use it just for learning or for your next Android application - I would be pretty honored!

  • Kotlin, because no one anymore likes to write huge classes for simple objects, right?
  • Clean Architecture Concepts
  • MVP (Model-View-Presenter)
  • RxJava, mostly for the whole reactive communication between the modules
  • Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection purposes
  • Retrofit for our HTTP requests
  • Room for our local persistence (if you want to check some of it using SQLite, you can check the commit history, there is also a previous implementation using it)
  • Mockito for mock some classes on our tests
  • Robolectric for our persistence layer (named as cache module) run our unit tests
  • Flavors & Build Types, so we can have our project generating many different artifacts, with it's own API endpoints, icons, etc
    • Flavors: Pro and Demo
    • Build Types: Debug, QA, Release
  • Espresso, for our instrumentation tests
  • Travis CI, for making a full build of our project, as well as run all tests (unit & instrumentation), once we have any push into the repo.
  • Firebase Test Lab, so we can have a place to run all our instrumentation tests properly.
  • CodeCov, for generating our code coverage in the project
  • Fabric/Crashlytics for providing statistics of our application, as well to provide an excellent Crash Report and release for QA team
  • Slack Notification, notifies your slack team if the build is done successfully - and also if it failed.
  • Google Play Publisher, for pushing your release artifacts directly into Google Play (beta channel)

In case of any questions, feel free to open an issue, I will be glad to help.


Android Studio

JDK 1.8

Android SDK

Project Architecture

This project's architecture was heavily inspired by Bufferoos Clean Architecture (you can check it out here). The diagram for it is shown below:

Project Architecture

Continuous Integration Flow

Continuous Integration


Project Demo

Future improvements

  • [x] Add Room;
  • [x] Implementation of movie details section;
  • [ ] Architecture Components;
  • [ ] Auto-bump version;
  • [ ] Generate changelog based on the previous commits;
  • [ ] Open Movie in Netflix app, in case it's installed;


All code licensed under the MIT License. You are free to do whatever you want with this piece of code. Check it out the file for more info.

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