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2 days ago15otherPython
Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.
Robotics Coursework1,762
2 years ago5unlicense
🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
4 years ago15mitJavaScript
:robot: Introducing kids to coding with tiny virtual robots!
23 years ago73July 31, 20182mitPython
8 months ago8mitC++
Library with search algorithms for task and path planning for multi robot/agent systems
18 days ago6September 29, 202133mitPython
Attitude and Heading Reference Systems in Python
2 years ago3mitC++
Header-only C++ library for robotics, control, and path planning algorithms. Work in progress, contributions are welcome!
12 days ago2mitC++
A Micromouse simulator: write and test maze-solving code without a physical robot
a year ago8mitC++
MIT mini cheetah quadruped robot simulated in pybullet environment using ros.
5 months agomitJupyter Notebook
Robot path planning, mapping and exploration algorithms
Alternatives To Urdf2casadi Matlab
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The main purpose of this project is to generate symbolic represantions of the kinematics and dynamics of a robot by extracting its geometrical and physical parameters from its URDF description. It supports fixed-base, open-chain robots. It uses CasADi to compute the symbolic expressions. It is inspired by urdf2eom.


The software has the following dependencies:

  • CasADi: Here you can find the instruction to install it. Remember to add CasAdi to the MATLAB path.

Additional features

iDynTree has been used to validate the results of the symbolic models. Its documentation can be found at https://robotology.github.io/idyntree/master/. Make sure to compile the bindings to MATLAB. Some usefull turorial can be found at robotology/idyntree .

URDF specifications

The URDF specifications and its mathematical description that has been used in this repository can be found here. Only joints with the axis aligned with one of the three directions of the joint frame are supported. Models with fixed joints are not supported.


Add to the MATLAB path the repository and all its subfolders by launching setPath.m, make sure to insert the correct path to CasADi.Get the URDF of your robot. Then pick one of the functions to create and test the model against IDynTree in the Verification/ subfolder. Each test* script should be launched from the folder it is contained in.

The code is structured as a MATLAB package. See the MATLAB documentation on how to reference the package members from within and outside the package.

Available algorithms

The algorithms generate both symbolic functions and their C code version (that is compiled as a *.mex file):

Additionally, the algorithms can be used to simulate a Momentum Observer for external force estimation, which can be tested by:

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