Retro ESP32 is a turbo charged Odroid Go Launcher, Emulator and ROM Manager
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3 days ago78apache-2.0C
Multiplayer Bluetooth controllers adapter for retro video game consoles
2 years ago24cc-by-sa-4.0C
Retro ESP32 is a turbo charged Odroid Go Launcher, Emulator and ROM Manager
Retro Go364
4 months ago22gpl-2.0C
Retro emulation for the ODROID-GO
Esplay Retro Emulation264
2 years ago6mitC
Retro Emulation Collection for ESPlay Hardware, an ESP32 based game console
Retro Odroid Go Firmware21
2 years ago4cc-by-sa-4.0C
A Re-Imagining of the Odroid Go Firmware
Gamebuino Esp3212
4 years agon,ullC
An ESP32 Port for Handheld Game Console Gamebuino
5 years agoC
Atari (or some other retro console) wireless pad through esp32 and btstack?
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Retro ESP32

Retro ESP32 is a turbo charged Odroid Go Launcher, Emulator and ROM Manager

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Retro ESP32 In Action Summary
Teaser Retro ESP32

Retro ESP32 is the ultimate feature packed Odroid Go Launcher.

Includes color schemes and theming.
Drawing inspiration from the popular RetroArch emulator front end of choice.
We packed 11 (current count) prebundled emulators including ROM / Game manager.
Additionally each emulator includes an in game menu for further management.

Get Your Copy Today
Retro ESP32 MGB-001 Looking for a Game Boy Pocket drop in solution? Get Yours Today

Exculsively at:


Update Odroid Go Firmware

This only applies to owners of the Hardkernel Odroid Go NOT the Retro ESP32

If you have purchased a Retro ESP32 from us, you can skip this step.

Get the latest Retro Odroid Go Firmware


Copy, Mount, Flash

We kept installation of Retro ESP32 super simple.

  1. Downloads the latest release
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Copy RetroESP32.fw to the odroid/firmware folder of your prepared SD card
  4. Mount the SD Card back into your Odroid Go
  5. Restart Holding the B button
  6. Select Retro ESP32 from the firmware list
  7. Sit back and relax while your Odroid Go flashes the new firmware

Supported Emulators

What else do you need to know

  • [x] Nintendo Entertainment System
  • [x] Nintendo Game Boy
  • [x] Nintendo Game Boy Color
  • [x] Sega Master System
  • [x] Sega Game Gear
  • [x] Colecovision
  • [x] Sinclair Zx Spectrum 48k
  • [x] Atari 2600
  • [x] Atari 7800
  • [x] Atari Lynx
  • [x] PC Engine


What makes Retro ESP32 different

  • [x] Configurator
  • [x] Themes (color pack and icons)
  • [x] RetroArch like GUI experience
  • [x] In game HUD menu
  • [x] Recently Played (First in Launchers Community)
  • [x] Favorites List (Another First)
  • [x] 3 Scale levels for 'Core' Emulators (Original, Box, Full Screen)


What to press and when

Please see the Usage Document

Have your say!

Don't be shy, our team is here

Have a great idea? Want to see a feature? Ran into a problem? Use our Project and Issue sections to have your say.


  • Eugene Yevhen Andruszczenko - Initial and Ongoing Work - 32teeth
  • Fuji Pebri - Espressif IOT Consultant - pebri86


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International - see the file for details



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