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Contains high quality implementations of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms written in PyTorch
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Ray25,773801994 hours ago76June 09, 20222,838apache-2.0Python
Ray is a unified framework for scaling AI and Python applications. Ray consists of a core distributed runtime and a toolkit of libraries (Ray AIR) for accelerating ML workloads.
Annotated_deep_learning_paper_implementations22,464117 days ago76June 27, 202217mitJupyter Notebook
🧑‍🏫 59 Implementations/tutorials of deep learning papers with side-by-side notes 📝; including transformers (original, xl, switch, feedback, vit, ...), optimizers (adam, adabelief, ...), gans(cyclegan, stylegan2, ...), 🎮 reinforcement learning (ppo, dqn), capsnet, distillation, ... 🧠
D2l En17,942
3 days ago100otherPython
Interactive deep learning book with multi-framework code, math, and discussions. Adopted at 400 universities from 60 countries including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.
Pytorch Tutorial7,372
2 months ago28mitJupyter Notebook
Build your neural network easy and fast, 莫烦Python中文教学
Wandb6,1053923213 hours ago237July 05, 2022840mitPython
🔥 A tool for visualizing and tracking your machine learning experiments. This repo contains the CLI and Python API.
Stable Baselines35,783342 days ago49June 14, 202270mitPython
PyTorch version of Stable Baselines, reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms.
3 days ago40unlicenseJupyter Notebook
A course in reinforcement learning in the wild
Deep Reinforcement Learning4,419
3 months ago2mitJupyter Notebook
Repo for the Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree program
2 days ago100mitPython
A repo for distributed training of language models with Reinforcement Learning via Human Feedback (RLHF)
Polyaxon3,3174112 days ago334June 05, 2022122apache-2.0
MLOps Tools For Managing & Orchestrating The Machine Learning LifeCycle
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The intent of these IPython Notebooks are mostly to help me practice and understand the papers I read; thus, I will opt for readability over efficiency in some cases. First the implementation will be uploaded, followed by markup to explain each portion of code. I'll be assigning credit for any code which is borrowed in the Acknowledgements section of this README.

Relevant Papers:

  1. Human Level Control Through Deep Reinforement Learning [Publication] [code]
  2. Multi-Step Learning (from Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, Chapter 7) [Publication][code]
  3. Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning [Publication][code]
  4. Dueling Network Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning [Publication][code]
  5. Noisy Networks for Exploration [Publication][code]
  6. Prioritized Experience Replay [Publication][code]
  7. A Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning [Publication][code]
  8. Rainbow: Combining Improvements in Deep Reinforcement Learning [Publication][code]
  9. Distributional Reinforcement Learning with Quantile Regression [Publication][code]
  10. Rainbow with Quantile Regression [code]
  11. Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs [Publication][code]
  12. Advantage Actor Critic (A2C) [Publication1][Publication2][code]
  13. High-Dimensional Continuous Control Using Generalized Advantage Estimation [Publication][code]
  14. Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithms [Publication][code]


  • Python 3.6
  • Numpy
  • Gym
  • Pytorch 0.4.0
  • Matplotlib
  • OpenCV
  • Baslines


  • Credit to @baselines for the environment wrappers and inspiration for the prioritized replay code used only in the development code
  • Credit to @higgsfield for the plotting code, epsilon annealing code, and inspiration for the prioritized replay implementation in the IPython notebook
  • Credit to @Kaixhin for factorized Noisy Linear Layer implementation and the projection_distribution function found in Categorical-DQN.ipynb
  • Credit to @ikostrikov for A2C, GAE, PPO and visdom plotting code implementation reference
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