Generate a web app in seconds with Low-Code and AI
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Sheetjs32,4454,3792,29725 days ago170March 24, 2022125apache-2.0JavaScript
📗 SheetJS Spreadsheet Data Toolkit -- New home
Rxdb19,011826815 hours ago312September 22, 202211apache-2.0TypeScript
A fast, offline-first, reactive database for JavaScript Applications
Altair4,640693 days ago85September 23, 202248TypeScript
✨⚡️ A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client for all platforms.
Roadtools1,1601a day ago8March 16, 20217mitPython
A collection of Azure AD tools for offensive and defensive security purposes
4 hours agomitTypeScript
Generate a web app in seconds with Low-Code and AI
Client Side Databases784
6 days ago10apache-2.0TypeScript
An implementation of the exact same app in Firestore, AWS Datastore, PouchDB, RxDB and WatermelonDB
Celerio Angular Quickstart481
5 years ago26apache-2.0Java
Generate an Angular 5 CRUD application from an existing database schema (we provide a sample one)
Acebase290122 months ago192November 11, 20228mitTypeScript
A fast, low memory, transactional, index & query enabled NoSQL database engine and server for node.js and browser with realtime data change notifications
19 hours ago60agpl-3.0TypeScript
Cross-platform Database Editor for AzerothCore
Laravel Angular Comment App221
7 years ago3PHP
Code for the tutorial: Laravel and Angular Single Page Application: A Commenting System
Alternatives To Magic
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AI-based Low-Code software development

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Magic is a Low-Code CRUD generator with machine learning and artificial intelligence allowing you to generate most of your code 100% automatically. In addition it is a complete open source cloud platform and IDE, allowing you to create your own virtualized cloud on top of your own server, and/or other cloud systems. Magic is professionally maintained by Aista. Below is a screenshot of an app built in 5 minutes using our Low-Code CRUD generator. Try the app here.

Low-Code CRUD generator

Magic works by reading meta data from your database, for then to automatically generate a backend API for you. The resulting API is secured automatically, and Magic takes care of authentication, authorisation, user management, and everything else that's difficult. Afterwards you can optionally generate a datagrid giving you a full stack web app as the screenshot above illustrates. Every time you have some complex task, you can ask the integrated AI assistant in plain English to create your code.

Use AI to create software

Magic integrates AI and machine learning where ever it makes sense. In Hyper IDE you can for instance simply ask the machine in plain English what you want to achieve, and most of the time the AI integration will automatically generate the correct code for you automatically. This works with any programming language. If you train the integrated Hyperlambda model, it will even create Hyperlambda code for you.

Use AI to produce software

Create your own Machine Learning model

Magic allows you to generate your own Machine Learning model(s) by creating and importing training data from any source you might have, including scraping your website. This allows you to generate a custom AI model based upon whatever existing data you may have in seconds instead of weeks and months.

Use AI to produce software

This is the method we use ourselves to teach our Machine Learning models about Aista and Hyperlambda. Use cases for this could be.

  • AI models for lawyer firms answering questions about local law
  • AI models for the medical industry, diagnosing and providing answers about symptoms
  • News aggregating AI machine models answering questions about recent news related to some news website
  • Investment advice AI models providing investment advice to people asking questions about some specific investment instrument
  • Etc, etc, etc

Use SQL Studio to design your database

Magic also gives you SQL Studio. SQL Studio allows you to visually design your database even if you have zero SQL knowledge. You can use SQL studio to design your SQL Server database, PostgreSQL database, MySQL database, or SQLite database. You can also connect to your existing database to manage your existing database from SQL Studio.

Visually design your database using SQL Studio

In addition Magic gives you an SQL prompt with autocomplete and syntax highlighting for SQL, allowing you to execute any SQL you want to, seeing the results of your SQL immediately. This works transparently towards all of its supported database types; SQLite, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Use ChatGPT to chat with your website

Magic allows you to inject a JavaScript file into your website, allowing your visitors to "have a conversation with your website". Magic will crawl your website scraping it for data, ending up becoming training data for a custom OpenAI based machine learning model. This allows your clients to "have a conversation with your website". Use cases might be.

  • Support bots
  • Sales and marketing bots
  • Pharmaceutical chat bots
  • Legal chat bots
  • Restaurant menu systems
  • Etc, etc, etc

Visually design your database using SQL Studio

You can try out such a chat bot at You can also scrape other websites, creating your own custom AI based chatbot based upon for instance publicly available information, such as government information, etc.

CRUD API generator

Magic allows you to automagically generate a secure CRUD API wrapping any database. The API generator supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite. Point Magic to your database, click a button, and some few seconds later you've got a CRUD API wrapping every single table in your database. The CRUD API is generated as Hyperlambda endpoints, allowing you to edit and modify the code after generating your API, to add custom business logic to your endpoints as you see fit.

CRUD API generator

Useful links


TL;TR - You can create closed source applications with Magic, but you can not close Magic itself.

The frontend dashboard is licensed under the terms of the GPL version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation - While the backend is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. What this implies, is that you can freely use Magic as you see fit, also in your own proprietary and closed source applications - However, if you modify any of its plugins, and or the dashboard frontend, you'll have to publish your changes to anyone requesting your changes.

To sum up each license.

  • All NuGet packages are LGPL3
  • The backend folder is MIT
  • The frontend folder is GPL3

See the enclosed LICENSE files within each folder, and/or plugin if in doubt.

Copyright(c) Aista, Ltd 2019 - 2023, [email protected]

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