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3 days ago177C
SourceMod - Source Engine Scripting and Administration
18 days ago4gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for competitive matches/scrims
Csgo Pug Setup402
5 months ago50gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for setting up private pug/10man games
7 months ago33gpl-3.0Tcl
A CSGO server launcher, one-click install & run
Csgo Retakes328
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CS:GO Sourcemod plugin for a site-retake gamemode
Sourcebans Pp300
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Admin, ban, and comms management system for the Source engine
Csgo Multi 1v1265
5 months ago34gpl-3.0SourcePawn
CS:GO Sourcemod plugin to create multi-1v1 arena servers
Little Anti Cheat249
4 days ago13SourcePawn
Anti-Cheat for Source Games
a month ago25gpl-3.0SourcePawn
A bunnyhop timer plugin for Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2.
2 years ago8unlicenseShell
A containerized dedicated server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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A modular generic RPG plugin for SourceMod 1.10+.

Build Status

Based on CSS:RPG v1.0.5 by SeLfkiLL.


SM:RPG is a generic RPG (Role Playing Game) plugin. Players earn experience by killing other players or on other game dependent events. After they reach a certain amount of experience, they level up and get some credits. The credits can be used to buy upgrades which give the player an advantage against his enemies.

This plugin tries to be as game independent as possible. If some upgrade or core feature isn't working in your game, leave a comment. There's a seperate plugin for Counter-Strike: Source/Global Offensive to give proper experience on game events like bomb exploded or hostage rescued.

Modular upgrades

All upgrades are standalone plugins that register with the core. The core smrpg plugin handles the levels, experience and credits of a player as well as the upgrade levels. When an upgrade registers itself at the core, it'll automatically be added to the rpgmenu for players to buy.

Server admins can install a new upgrade simply by loading the upgrade plugin.


  • Download the latest pre-compiled build (alternative download).
  • Upload the plugins as well as the configs, gamedata and translations folders to your gameserver.
    • Only upload the plugins/upgrades you want to use. See below for an explanation of each plugin's purpose.
  • (Optional) Install DHooks for the Speed+ upgrade.
  • (Optional) On CS:GO install Movement Unlocker for the Bouncy Bullets upgrade.
  • Add a "smrpg" section to your databases.cfg. Both mysql and sqlite are supported.
		"driver"			"sqlite"
		"database"			"smrpg"
  • Start your server. The core config files are generated in [mod]/cfg/sourcemod/ and the config files for the single upgrades in [mod]/cfg/sourcemod/smrpg. See the Wiki for a description of convars.
  • Next to the above generated config files there are additional config files in [mod]/addons/sourcemod/configs/smrpg.

Compile requirements

Compile instructions

  • Compile the core smrpg plugin (see Compile requirements)
    • Files in the scripting/smrpg and scripting/smrpg_effects folders are included in the respective plugins smrpg.sp and smrpg_effects.sp and mustn't be compiled on their own.
  • If there is a seperate experience module for your game (currently only cstrike), compile and upload that too.
  • Compile all optional features if you want them.
    • smrpg_antisuicide - Punish players who commit suicide during a fight by taking some experience.
    • smrpg_ban - Ban players from using and managing their upgrades and gaining experience for a time or permanently.
    • smrpg_chattags - Add RPG level and/or rank in front of chat messages.
    • smrpg_chatxpstats - Display infos in chat about gained experience for a kill or during the whole last life.
    • smrpg_commandlist - Teach players about different available rpg related chat commands.
    • smrpg_disablexp - Admin option to temporarily disable experience for individual players.
    • smrpg_effects - Central library to apply similar upgrade effects. Required by some upgrades!
    • smrpg_gifting - Allow players to give other players rpg credits as a gift.
    • smrpg_keyhint_info - Display rpg stats and more info permanently on the screen.
    • smrpg_noxpzones - Disable earning of experience while a player or the target is in a defined zone on the map.
    • smrpg_resetstats - Automatically reset the stats on different conditions and display next reset date in chat.
    • smrpg_turbomode - Increase the experience and credits rate for one map, but don't save the stats. For fun events.
  • Compile all the upgrades you want to use


Developers can easily add new upgrades using the extensive API provided by the core. There are forwards and natives to control the earned experience, level and credits. You can add your own items to the rpgmenu as well. Have a look at the include files!

See the available upgrade plugins for examples. You can use the example upgrade as a skeleton.

Available upgrades

  • Adrenaline (Counter-Strike only) - Increase your speed shortly when firing a weapon.
  • Antidote - Reduce duration of bad effects against you like burning, freezing or slow down.
  • Antiflash (Counter-Strike only) - Reduce blinding effect of flashbangs on you.
  • Armor+ (Counter-Strike only) - Increases your maximal armor.
  • Armor Helmet (Counter-Strike only) - Gives players a chance to receive a helmet on spawn.
  • Armor Regeneration (Counter-Strike only) - Regenerates armor regularly.
  • Bouncy Bullets - Push enemies away by shooting them.
  • Damage+ - Deal additional damage on enemies.
  • Denial - Keep your weapons the next time you spawn after you've died.
  • Fast Reload (Counter-Strike only) - Increases the reload speed of guns.
  • Fire Grenade - Ignites players damaged by your grenade.
  • Fire Pistol - Ignites players hit with a pistol.
  • Frost Pistol - Slow down players hit with a pistol.
  • Grenade Resupply (Counter-Strike only) - Regenerates grenades x seconds after you threw them.
  • Health+ - Increases your maximal health.
  • HP Regeneration - Regenerates HP regularly.
  • Ice Grenade - Freezes players damaged by your grenade in place.
  • Ice Stab - Freeze a player in place when knifing him.
  • Impulse - Gain speed for a short time when being shot.
  • Increase Clipsize - Increases the size of a weapon's clip.
  • Increase Firerate - Increases the firerate of weapons.
  • Long Jump - Boosts your jump speed.
  • Medic - Heals team mates around you.
  • Mirror Damage - Mirror some of your received damage back to the attacker.
  • Poison Smoke (Counter-Strike: Source only) - Damages players inside the smoke of a smoke grenade.
  • Position Swap - Gives you the chance to swap positions with your attacker.
  • Reduced Fall Damage - Reduces the damage you take from falling from great heights.
  • Reduced Gravity - Reduces your gravity and lets you jump higher.
  • Resupply - Regenerates ammo every third second.
  • Shrinking - Make player models smaller.
  • Speed+ - Increase your average movement speed.
  • Stealth - Renders yourself more and more invisible.
  • Vampire - Steal HP from players when damaging them.

RPG Top 10 on your website

There is an example PHP script to list the top 10 rpg players including their stats and selected levels. You might want to merge it into your website.


  • SeLfkiLL - author of the original MM:S CSS:RPG plugin.
  • arsirc - author of THC:RPG. Provided the Damage+, Speed+ and Gravity- upgrade ideas and the team lock option.
  • SumGuy14 (Aka Soccerdude) - author of RPGx. Config and visual effect ideas, using a seperate plugin to coordinate similar effects.
  • freddukes - author of SourceRPG. Config ideas, turbo mode, showing menu on levelup, ...
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