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GlslViewer is a flexible console-base OpenGL Sandbox to display 2D/3D GLSL shaders without the need of an UI. You can definitely make your own UI or wrapper using the Python Module (include) or any other tool that communicates back/forth with glslViewer thought the standard POSIX console In/Out or OSC.

Joing #GlslViewer channel on discord to learn how to use it, share work and get help.

GlslViewer gives support to:

  • fragment and vertex shaders on GLSL
  • resolve #include dependencies
  • adding/deleting #define keys through console IN commands and OSC
  • automatically generated set of defines based on the platform, buffer, render pass, geometry attributes and materials properties.
  • passing custom uniforms (float, int, vec2, vec3 and vec4) through console IN or OSC
  • Different kinds of Textures (png, bmp, jpg, tga, hdr, gif, mp4, mov, rtc, rtsp, local camera devices and audio textures)
  • import of Cubemaps and spherical harmonics (png, jpg, tga, hdr)
  • import LST, PLY, OBJ or GLTF files (and their dependencies)
  • default vert/frag shaders for 2D shader and 3D material shaders with PBR lighting model
  • hot reload of files on changes
  • One default light and one default camera
  • Interactive commands thought POSIX console IN/OUT or OSC
  • different debug modes (histogram, textures, buffers, bounding box, etc)
  • shadow maps
  • headless rendering
  • fullscreen and screensaver mode
  • HoloPlay rendering on LookingGlass Display
  • image export
  • PNG sequence export
  • WASM crosscompiling

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Patricio Gonzalez Vivo: github | twitter | instagram | website


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