Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


~~ Little things that you can't live without ~~

⚠️ Requirements


  • sudo (maybe)
  • git
  • bash
  • make
  • unzip
  • GNU tar
  • GNU stow
  • gcc or clang (for compiling neovim treesitter parsers)


These dotfiles doesn't contains any font installation so you have install them beforehand.

🚀 Installation

  • Clone the repository into $HOME/.dotfiles and cd into it.
git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
  • Now run make setup

NOTE: After the installation, when you'll open your terminal, or a different tab then zinit will start downloading some command line tools that are used inside the dotfiles.

✨ Commands

For convenience, I've added some make commands to do some regular stuff which are following:

  • setup - For setting up the dotfiles on a new machine

  • install - To reinstall the dotfiles, it doesn't include the setup part

  • update - For updating the dotfiles, which will pull the latest commits and install them

  • purge - Removes everything

🖥️ Software

  • OS: Linux
  • Distro: Manjaro
  • Desktop: KDE Plasma
  • Terminal: kitty

🙏 Credits

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