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A small, extensible library to randomly mutate JSON documents, XML, HTML forms, text and binary data. Useful for fuzz testing.

Examples of things you can test by mutating known good input:

  • unexpected structures will not make your application code throw unchecked exceptions
  • your application code ignores additional fields
  • your application code does not throw unchecked exceptions when parsing values from JSON strings
  • your application does not instantiate arbitrary classes named in JSON data (a potential security risk)
  • and more!

See an interactive demonstration.

Download from Maven Central

  • Version 3.x.x.x (kotlin branch) is for Kotlin
  • Version 2.x.x.x (java8 branch) is for Java 8, and uses streams and Java 8 function types
  • Version 1.x.x.x (java7 branch) is for Java 7 and depends on Guava

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