Alexandria Plsql Utils

Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library
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Cloudquery5,1587a day ago345May 22, 2023341mpl-2.0Go
The open source high performance data integration platform built for developers.
a year ago3
Build a distributed SQL database from the ground up
Naming Convention1,680
2 months agomit
Templates for naming convention - TSQL, JavaScript, C#, R, Python, Powershell
Alexandria Plsql Utils573
3 years ago27PLSQL
Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library
Appengine Php Wordpress Starter Project369
6 years ago25PHP
Starter project for running WordPress on Google Cloud Platform
Skeet Cli304
a day ago2apache-2.0TypeScript
🚀 Open-Source Serverless Framework for full-stack apps on Firebase and Google Cloud.
Guice17123687 days ago23December 03, 20221apache-2.0Java
Google Guice integration for MyBatis 3
2 years ago4gpl-3.0Python
[WORKING IN V2, WITH PROXIES, CUSTOM USER AGENT... TO MUCH BETTER!]DorkMe is a tool designed with the purpose of making easier the searching of vulnerabilities with Google Dorks, such as SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
Spark Bigquery149
4 years ago6November 29, 201734apache-2.0Scala
Google BigQuery support for Spark, SQL, and DataFrames
4 years ago2JavaScript
SQL engine inside Google Sheet
Alternatives To Alexandria Plsql Utils
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Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library

This library is a collection of various utility packages for PL/SQL, as well as links to useful libraries hosted and maintained elsewhere.

Generate PDF files using PL/SQL

Generate Excel files using PL/SQL

Generate RTF files using PL/SQL

Working with Office 2007 (OOXML) files using PL/SQL

Zip and unzip files using PL/SQL

Generate and parse CSV files using PL/SQL

Generate and parse RSS feeds using PL/SQL

Generate JSON using PL/SQL

Parse JSON using PL/SQL

Transfer files (FTP) using PL/SQL

Send email (SMTP) using PL/SQL

Receive email (POP3) using PL/SQL


Receive email (POP3 and IMAP) using PL/SQL (and Java)

##Work with MS Exchange using PL/SQL

Integrate with Google services (Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Translate) using PL/SQL

Integrate with Amazon web services (Simple Storage Service S3) using PL/SQL

Integrate with PayPal web services


Integrate with Twitter using PL/SQL

Call SOAP and REST web services using PL/SQL

Publish SOAP web service using PL/SQL

Publish REST web services using PL/SQL

Regular expressions using PL/SQL


String, date and math utilities


Encoding and data type utilities


SQL utilities


XML utilities

File utilities


HTTP utilities


Encryption and security utilities and protocols

Logging and debugging utilities

Generating test data and random bits using PL/SQL

PL/SQL Web Toolkit (OWA) utilities


Web Gateways for PL/SQL

jQGrid Integration Kit for PL/SQL and Apex

Application Express APIs

Miscellaneous utilities and demos

PL/SQL Frameworks

PL/SQL Wrappers for Java

Unit Testing Frameworks for PL/SQL

Documentation Generators (JavaDoc-style)

Scripting, deployment and installation utilities

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