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This repo is a simple test case for anyone to use - as is - to check similar browser compatibility issues. Primarily tests cases for Webcam/Camera access via getUserMedia, HTTPS (as some browsers block camera access from unsecured sites), WebAssembly, ASM, and WebGL.

Live example here:

This repo is also used within an Android test application here:

Build / Deploy

  • Checkout this repo to the required host in a servable directory (e.g. /var/www/html)
  • Start your server (e.g. http-server, httpd start, etc)
  • Go to the required URL in the browser you would like to test (e.g.

3rd Parties



  • <= 10
    • getUserMedia is not availible on iOS, thus all camera management must be done by the native iOS app.
  • 11
    • Safari passes all tests and shows a live camera feed.
    • In-app webviews utilising SFSafariViewController, UIWebView, WKWebView do not currently support getUserMedia access
      • Thus any in-app browser - currently at the time of writing - does not support camera access.
      • To get around this you can:
        • (Easy, poor UX) prompt the user to open the experience in Safari
        • (Hard, good UX) Implement bespoke camera access in the native iOS app and send/inject the stream into the webpage via the necessary bridging code.
  • 12 (~ Sept 2018)
    • An educated 'gestimate' SFSafariViewController and WKWebView will get getUserMedia access in this update. UIWebView will not get getUserMedia.


  • 7.0
    • Chrome passes all tests and shows a live camera feed.
    • Firefox passes all tests and shows a live camera feed.
    • Edge passes all tests, receives a success message from getUserMedia however sometimes it does not show a live feed.
    • Facebook in-app WebView shows a NotAllowedError - Permission denied.
    • Slacks in-app webview correctly runs the tests and shows a live camera feed (default app being Chrome, Samsung Internet). If Firefox/Edge are classed as the default app Slack opens the experience in the selected app vs running within its own web browser view.
    • Custom app (
      • If permissions have been granted (Application settings) - all tests passed and live video should be seen
      • If permissions have not been granted I encounter a NotReadableError - Could not start source inside JavaScript. The difference in errors between this app and Facebook will be down to WebView impementation and Application permissions.

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