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A timer plugin for nosetests that answers the question: how much time does every test take?

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To install the latest release from PyPI::

pip install nose-timer

Or to install the latest development version from Git::

pip install git+git://

Or to install the latest from source::

git clone
cd nose-timer
pip install .

You can also make a developer install if you plan on modifying the source frequently::

pip install -e .


Run nosetests with the --with-timer flag, and you will see a list of the tests and the time spent by each one (in seconds)::

myapp.tests.ABigTestCase.test_the_world_is_running: 56.0010s
myapp.tests.ABigTestCase.test_the_rest_of_the_galaxy_is_running: 2356.0010s

How do I show only the n slowest tests?

For example, to show only the **10** slowest tests, run nosetests with the
``--timer-top-n`` flag::

    nosetests --with-timer --timer-top-n 10

How do I color the output and have pretty colors?

You can highlight slower tests using --timer-ok and --timer-warning flags. Default time unit is the second, but you can specify it explicitly, e.g. 1s, 100ms.

  • Tests which take less time than --timer-ok will be highlighted in green.
  • Tests which take less time than --timer-warning will be highlighted in yellow.
  • All other tests will be highlighted in red.

How do I turn off pretty colors?

In some cases, you may want to disable colors completely. This is done by using the
``--timer-no-color`` flag. This is useful when running tests in a headless console.

How do I filter results by colors?

It is possible to filter results by color. To do so, you can use the --timer-filter flag::

nosetests --with-timer --timer-filter ok
nosetests --with-timer --timer-filter warning
nosetests --with-timer --timer-filter error

Or to apply several filters at once::

nosetests --with-timer --timer-filter warning,error

How do I cause slow tests to fail?

You can cause any tests that exceed a threshold to fail by specifying the
``--timer-fail`` option:

- If you specify ``--timer-fail warning``, slow tests which would be displayed
  as a warning (i.e. that take more time than  ``--timer-ok``) will fail.
- If you specify ``--timer-fail error``, slow tests which would be displayed as
  an error (i.e. that take more time than ``--timer-warning``) will fail.

For example, to fail any tests that take more than 5 seconds::

    nosetests --with-timer --timer-warning 5.0 --timer-fail error

How do I export the results ?

Use the ``--timer-json-file <myfile.json>`` flag, it will save the result
in the following format::

    '<test key 1>':
        'status': 'success'|'error'|'fail,
        'time': <float in s>
    '<test key 2>':
        'status': 'success'|'error'|'fail,
        'time': <float in s>


``nose-timer`` is MIT Licensed library.


- Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a
  feature idea or a bug.
- Fork the repository on GitHub to start making your changes to the master
  branch (or branch off of it).
- Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature
  works as expected.
- Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and
- Make sure to add yourself to the author's file in ```` and the
  ``Contributors`` section below :)


- `@acordiner <>`_
- `@andresriancho <>`_
- `@cgoldberg <>`_
- `@DmitrySandalov <>`_
- `@e0ne <>`_
- `@ereOn <>`_
- `@fisadev <>`_
- `@garbageek <>`_
- `@HaraldNordgren <>`_
- `@hugovk <>`_
- `@jakirkham <>`_
- `@kevinburke <>`_
- `@mahmoudimus <>`_
- `@satyrius <>`_
- `@skudriashev <>`_
- `@whodafly <>`_

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