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Nodejs Express Mongoose Demo

This is a demo application illustrating various features used in everyday web development, with a fine touch of best practices. The demo app is a blog application where users can signup, create an article, delete an article and add comments etc.

Table of contents:


Want to build something from scratch? use the boilerplate


git clone git://
npm install
cp .env.example .env
npm start

Then visit http://localhost:3000/

NOTE: Do not forget to set the twitter, google, linkedin and github CLIENT_IDs and SECRETs. In development env, you can set the env variables in .env and replace the values there. In production env, it is not safe to keep the ids and secrets in a file, so you need to set it up via commandline. If you are using heroku checkout how environment variables are set here.


npm test


You can also use docker for development. Make sure you run npm install on your host machine so that code linting and everything works fine.

npm i
cp .env.example .env

Start the services

docker-compose up -d

View the logs

docker-compose logs -f

In case you install a npm module while developing, it should also be installed within docker container, to do this first install the module you want with simple npm i module name, then run it within docker container

docker-compose exec node npm i

If you make any changes to the file, nodemon should automatically pick up and restart within docker (you can see this in the logs)

To run tests

docker-compose exec -e MONGODB_URL=mongodb://mongo:27017/noobjs_test node npm test

Note that we are overriding the environment variable set in .env file because we don't want our data erased by the tests.

Note: The difference between exec and run is that, exec executes the command within the running container and run will spin up a new container to run that command. So if you want to run only the tests without docker-compose up, you may do so by running docker-compose run -e MONGODB_URL=mongodb://mongo:27017/noobjs_test node npm test



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