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A set of command lines examples to help debugging video streaming files like mp4, ts ,fmp4 in Dash, HLS, or MSS, with or without DRM.

The tools

  • FFprobe - A generic tool for media streaming debug
  • Mediainfo - A generic tool for media streaming info
  • TSDuck - A tool more specific for TS (MPEG-2 Part 1)
  • Bento4 - A tool more specific for MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)

Overview of the streams

ffprobe -i file.extension

mediainfo file.extension

tsdump file.ts
tsanalyze file.ts
tstables file.ts
# .. tsXXXX

mp4info file.mp4
mp4dump  # this is useful for fragmented mp4
# mp4XXXXX

Specific info from the streams

# -select_streams v is filtering only video streams
ffprobe -loglevel panic -select_streams v -show_entries "stream=start_pts,start_time,avg_frame_rate,r_frame_rate,codec_time_base" file.extension

Specific info from some frames

ffprobe -loglevel panic -select_streams v -show_entries "frame=pkt_pts,pkt_pts_time,pkt_duration,best_effort_timestamp,best_effort_timestamp_time" -read_intervals %+#5

Codec/Container parsing-like info from the stream

mediainfo --Details=1 file.extension

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