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Simple and efficient live broadcast server:

  • Very simple to install and use;
  • Pure Golang, high performance, and cross-platform;
  • Supports commonly used transmission protocols, file formats, and encoding formats;

Supported transport protocols

  • RTMP
  • AMF
  • HLS

Supported container formats

  • FLV
  • TS

Supported encoding formats

  • H264
  • AAC
  • MP3


After directly downloading the compiled binary file, execute it on the command line.

Boot from Docker

Run docker run -p 1935:1935 -p 7001:7001 -p 7002:7002 -p 8090:8090 -d gwuhaolin/livego to start

Compile from source

  1. Download the source code git clone
  2. Go to the livego directory and execute go build or make build


  1. Start the service: execute the livego binary file or make run to start the livego service;
  2. Get a channelkey(used for push the video stream) from http://localhost:8090/control/get?room=movie and copy data like your channelkey.
  3. Upstream push: Push the video stream to rtmp://localhost:1935/{appname}/{channelkey} through theRTMP protocol(default appname is live), for example, use ffmpeg -re -i demo.flv -c copy -f flv rtmp://localhost:1935/{appname}/{channelkey} push(download demo flv);
  4. Downstream playback: The following three playback protocols are supported, and the playback address is as follows:
    • RTMP:rtmp://localhost:1935/{appname}/movie
    • FLV:{appname}/movie.flv
    • HLS:{appname}/movie.m3u8

all options:

./livego  -h
Usage of ./livego:
      --api_addr string       HTTP manage interface server listen address (default ":8090")
      --config_file string    configure filename (default "livego.yaml")
      --flv_dir string        output flv file at flvDir/APP/KEY_TIME.flv (default "tmp")
      --gop_num int           gop num (default 1)
      --hls_addr string       HLS server listen address (default ":7002")
      --hls_keep_after_end    Maintains the HLS after the stream ends
      --httpflv_addr string   HTTP-FLV server listen address (default ":7001")
      --level string          Log level (default "info")
      --read_timeout int      read time out (default 10)
      --rtmp_addr string      RTMP server listen address

Use with flv.js

Interested in Golang? Please see Golang Chinese Learning Materials Summary

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