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Basic Overview

Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency or low latency by using HLS or CMAF. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically, running on-premises or on any cloud provider of your choice.

We help create high-performing organizations by supporting them with their low latency streaming infrastructure. This way, we're solving the video streaming and delivery headache, a huge problem for companies seeking low latency, adaptive video streaming, by making it simple and on-demand.

Ant Media’s main product is real-time streaming engine, called Ant Media Server. Currently, 6000+ Ant Media Server instances run in over 120 countries. Apart from the flagship product, Ant Media Enterprise Edition, startups can also enjoy the open source Community Edition, downloadable from this repo.

Ant Media Server Features

Community Edition

  • RTMP ingesting
  • RTMP, RTSP, MP4 and HLS support
  • WebRTC to RTMP adapter
  • IP camera support
  • 360 Degree Live & VoD streams
  • Intuitive web management dashboard
  • Recording live streams (MP4 and HLS)
  • iOS & Android RTMP SDKs
  • Javascript SDK

Enterprise Edition

In addition to what Community Edition has to offer, the Enterprise Edition has the following features:

Ant Media Server is bundled with Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs. SDKs are available for free.

Please see a comparison table for Community and Enterprise Edition here.

Quick launch

Ant Media server is available in your favorite cloud platform:

Usage scenarios

👨🏽‍💻 Education

Ant Media can provide virtual classrooms to teachers, using ultra-low latency technology, enabling teachers connect with the audience using 1-1 or 1-many connection types.

🤖 IP camera streaming

Watch and Monitor IP cameras with ultra low latency on a web browser with Ant Media Server. You can embed ONVIF IP camera streams into your websites and mobile applications.

🙇 Webinars

Ant Media Server supports N-N live video/audio conferencing by using WebRTC, allowing you to achieve ultra-low latency (~ 0.5 sec). Ant Media Server also provides scalability that can help you to scale up your solution dynamically.

👾 Mobile streaming application

Using our SDKs, you can integrate your mobile application solutions with Ant Media Server, and build a fast, reliable and stable streaming platform with AMS APIs and SDKs.

📺 Live game shows

Live video experience has a significant role in live game show success, with a strong requirement of being scalable, low latency and adaptive for which Ant Media provides.

🎯 E-sports & betting streaming

Due to the evergrowing esports domain, there is a tremendous demand for video streaming with ultra-low latency.

🎭 Auction and bidding streaming

Live auctions should be streamed with ultra sub second latency in order to get bids ontime.

✨ Video game streaming

Ant Media Server resolves interactivity and scalability issues by providing ultra low latency streaming via WebRTC.

⚡ Releases

Ant Media Server Community Edition Releases are automatically deployed here, with auto-generated changelog.

Ant Media Server Enterprise Editions are available through several cloud marketplaces (AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Digital Ocean and Linode). You can also download Enterprise Edition via subscription on

🌱 Links

📫 Contact

⭐️ Supporting Ant Media Server

If you would like to say thank you or/and support active development of Ant Media Server:

  • Add a GitHub Star to the project.
  • Tweet about project on your Twitter.
  • Write interesting articles about project on, Medium or personal blog.

Together, we can make this project better every day! 😘

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