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Sqliteviz is a single-page offline-first PWA for fully client-side visualisation of SQLite databases or CSV files.

With sqliteviz you can:

  • run SQL queries against a SQLite database and create Plotly charts based on the result sets
  • import a CSV file into a SQLite database and visualize imported data
  • manage queries and chart settings and run them against different databases
  • import/export queries and chart settings to/from a JSON file
  • export a modified SQLite database
  • use it offline from your OS application menu like any other desktop app


The latest release of sqliteviz is deployed on GitHub Pages at


For user documentation, check out sqliteviz Wiki.


It's a kind of middleground between Plotly Falcon and Redash.


It is built on top of react-chart-editor, sql.js and Vue-Codemirror in Vue.js. CSV parsing is performed with Papa Parse.

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