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Source code for the paper:

S. Galliani, K. Lasinger and K. Schindler, Massively Parallel Multiview Stereopsis by Surface Normal Diffusion (supplementary material), ICCV 2015

Documentation and Install

Refer to the wiki for detailed documentation and examples.


© 2015-2020 Silvano Galliani, Katrin Lasinger, ETH Zurich

IMPORTANT: If you use this software please cite the following in any resulting publication:

     author  = {Galliani, Silvano and Lasinger, Katrin and Schindler, Konrad},
     title   = {Massively Parallel Multiview Stereopsis by Surface Normal Diffusion},
     journal = {The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)},
     month   = {June},
     year    = {2015}

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