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Various KiCAD footprints for mechanical keyboard parts
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Keyboard Pcb Guide2,888
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Guide on how to design keyboard PCBs with KiCad
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Djinn Split Keyboard
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Footprints for popular keyboard switches
Keebio Parts.pretty341
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Various KiCAD footprints for mechanical keyboard parts
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PCB and PCB related bits
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KiCad Library of custom MX-Alps footprints
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for building keyboard libraries
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Keyboard Controller Board for HHKB pro2 - KiCad project
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Generated keyboard
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Various KiCAD footprints for mechanical keyboard parts. Accuracy of the footprints are not guaranteed, but a best effort has been made.

For the component symbols of some of these parts, see keebio/keebio-components.

Miscellaneous Notes

Zig-zag header holes for Pro Micro/Elite-C

The staggered header holes only work okay for connecting a controller to the PCB, so soldering is still recommended when using these footprints. But the benefit of using them is that the pins will be held straight on their own while trying to solder them on, so they are preferred over the normal footprint in that respect.

Choc stab cutout outlines

The stab PCB/plate cutouts for Choc switches are still experimental, so use them at your own risk. The cutouts are based on measurements done on an MSI Vigor GK50 keyboard, with adjustments to handle available Kailh Choc keycaps. The stab offset difference between the GK50 keycaps and Kailh ones is 1mm.


These files are released under the MIT License.

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