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Corne keyboard, a split keyboard with 3x6 column staggered keys and 3 thumb keys.
Awesome Mechanical Keyboard2,461
a month ago14Astro
⌨️ A curated list of Open Source Mechanical Keyboard resources.
Mechanical Keyboard2,246
5 days ago
DIY mechanical keyboard and where to find them
Redox Keyboard1,478
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Ergonomic split mechanical keyboard
4 months ago18other
6×4+4keys column-staggered split keyboard.
a year agogpl-3.0HTML
Djinn Split Keyboard
4 years ago1
GH60 - an open-source mechanical keyboard PCB designed for the community at
6 days ago4gpl-3.0
KLOR is 36-42 keys column-staggered split keyboard. It supports a per key RGB matrix, encoders, OLED displays, haptic feedback, audio, a Pixart Paw3204 trackball and four different layouts, through brake off parts.
a year ago3otherShell
Torn keyboard
7 days ago15otherPython
Footprints for popular keyboard switches
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The split keyboard kit made with through hole components. The design has been inspired by the Corne, Plaid and Discipline keyboards.


Torn uses an Atmega328P cpu, running QMK with VUSB:

Building your own Torn keyboard

Later this year you will be able to buy a Torn keyboard kit from Alternatively you can also buy all the parts needed youself.

Instructions are in the Build guide and Troubleshooting guide. You can ask questions and get help on the Torn Discord channel.

There is also a detailed build log and video. Thanks rafaeldelboni!


It would not have been possible for me to design Torn without the information and designs published by the mechanical keyboard community. So thanks go to ...


PCB Design

QMK Firmware

  • QMK Quantum Mechanical Keyboard firmware
  • REMAP to easily configure your keyboard online
  • VIA to configure your keyboard

3d Design

The following are great resources to get started with keyboard case design:

Other Keyboards

I took inspiration from other keyboards I'd used or liked:


Creative Commons License

The Torn Keyboard is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This PCB design may be freely reproduced, modified, and manufactured for personal use only. If you would like to use this design commercially please contact me at [email protected] to request permission.


Build Photo

Torn Keyboard

Wedge Case

Choc Switches

HiPro Case

3d Case

Torn Keyboard

Torn Keyboard

Torn Keyboard

Torn Keyboard

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