KiCad Library of custom MX-Alps footprints
Alternatives To Mx_alps_hybrid
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Footprints for popular keyboard switches
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KiCad Library of custom MX-Alps footprints
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Generated keyboard
Alternatives To Mx_alps_hybrid
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Future Deprecation Warning

This library will be succeeded by the MX_V2 Library once it is tested and stable.
This library will remain available since it is very different structurally from the new one and since many projects depend on the current, but once it is deprecated, no support or maintenance will be given to this library.


KiCad Libraries of keyboard switch footprints

Footprint Image

Included Libraries

  • MX_Alps_Hybrid.pretty - The original MX/Alps hybrid support footprints.
    • FLIPPED - Reversed LED pads for overlapping switch footprints.
    • NoLED - No LED pads.
    • ReversedStabilizers - Stabilizer mirrored vertically (i.e. for bottom row).
  • MX_Only.pretty - Only for Cherry MX and derivative clones.
    • FLIPPED - Reversed LED pads for overlapping switch footprints.
    • NoLED - No LED pads.
    • ReversedStabilizers - Stabilizer mirrored vertically (i.e. for bottom row).
    • Hotswap - Kailh hotswap sockets of both LED and non-LED variants.
  • ALPS_Only.pretty - Only for alps SKCM/SKCL, SKBM/SKBL, and clones with same pin structure.
    • LED - Specifically for Alps SKCL with in-switch indicators.
  • Kailh_Choc.pretty - Only for Kailh Choc switches.


  • Designed from scratch using official datasheets and accurate measurements
  • Various footprints for all occasions
  • Almost every switch size in existence
  • Topside soldermask to prevent solder overflow and improve appearance


The library was overhauled on June 1st, 2019 due to its aging structure and contents.

  • The schematic components were updated to work on the 50mil grid. You can replace the components; however, it will take a decent amount of work.
    • If you wish to do this, remove the old schematic library, re-add the new one, and replace the schematic components.
  • The footprint library was divided into four distinct libraries. Remove the previous, re-add the libraries with the footprints you are using, then rebind the footprints in the schematic.

Request More Footprints

I'll be more than happy to make more custom footprints to fit your needs, time permitting. I will admit that I'm definitely short on time nowadays, so I may not be able to respond right away.


Feel free to create pull requests with more footprints. I only ask that they are of high quality, and that they are based on official dimensions, if possible.

Schematic Image Top render Image
Bottom render Image

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