Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Caju Caju: .NET apps with awesome architectures!

Service Template to help you build evolvable and maintainable applications. It follows the Clean Architecture Principles and built on Domain-Driven Design. This tool increases productivity on developing your next microservices.

Generate your own awesome Back-end!

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To generate your own awesome .NET Back-end simple run:

dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju::0.7.3
dotnet new manga

Clean Architecture

Based on Clean Architecture Manga.

Sample applications

Run dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju then try the following commands.

Complete suite of use cases.

dotnet new clean --use-cases full

Register account and get customer details.

dotnet new clean --use-cases basic

Read only use cases

dotnet new clean --use-cases readonly

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